To the Editor:

Trust is the basis of relationships, without trust there is nothing. The IRS is a supreme example of poor government breaking the bond of trust between the governed and government. It is unimaginable, given the history of this country, that the citizenry will continue to tolerate institutions of IRS’ quality into the future.

For example, there is a question of bonuses being paid to IRS employees.

For what? The nature of a bureaucratic organization is to rigidly follow fiat exactly making it difficult for employees to show initiative beyond, perhaps, the odd administrative improvement in procedure or the like. Supervisor-level personnel have virtually no authority to change anything associated with fiat to improve what is the “bottom line” in private enterprises.

Upon what basis would bonuses be awarded to supervisory-level personnel in the IRS? Certainly any amount, however insignificant, would be included in the budget, which should require approval by elected oversight officials.

In the current news is an issue of about $70 million in IRS bonuses.

Simple arithmetic indicates that an assumed 10 percent of the 100,000 IRS employees who might receive bonuses totaling $70 million did an amazing job of improving the organization given the amount of individual bonuses.

In only a few years the IRS should be a marvel of efficiency at that rate.

What bothers me the most about this malfeasance is IRS presumption that the public is so utterly stupid that such nonsense can be pulled off.

Also, the claim is made that unions have been contractually promised the bonuses at issue.

By whose authority can $70 million of taxpayer money be flittered away at negotiations with a union without prior approval by elected officials?

Again, the IRS has jumped the boundaries required of a bureaucracy.

Dr. Richard D. Lamb

Harker Heights

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The regime have developed a pattern of willful disregard for the Constitution and the law of the land, in concert with their long-standing disdain and contempt for the people.

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