Heights reader asks where is outrage over New York’s new abortion law?

To the Editor:

My parents taught me that “actions speak louder than words.” Over the next 76 years, I have learned that is true.

The most reliable way to figure out someone is by what they do, rather than what they say. It also lends a lot of credence and humor to the adage, “if you want to know if a politician is lying, watch and see if his or her lips are moving!”

Reportedly, 2,000 private citizens voluntarily attended the funeral last week of a veteran who did not have family. They came to the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery for this Air Force veteran’s military honors ceremony, even though they did not know him.

I think they are amazing Americans who lovingly and respectfully honored this veteran’s service and sacrifice to our nation. They showed us one of the things that is great about our country.

Contrast this with New York state, whose governor recently legalized the abortion of an unborn child right up to the day of anticipated birth. To me, this is murder of the innocent.

In fact, it may be the new Holocaust of future unborn generations.

This shows us one of the things that is horrific about our country. Who would do this other than a monster like Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist who has been tried, convicted of murder, and received three life sentences without parole?

In our Judeo-Christian society of America, neither the Bible nor the Torah allows murder of the unborn or new born.

Maybe President Barrack Obama was correct when he said, “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

What have we become? Pope Francis, who was quick to voluntarily join the political fray to criticize President Trump’s stand on illegal immigration, now stands mute on New York’s Legislature cheering the signing of a bill by Gov. Cuomo condemning tens of thousands of the “almost-born and possibly new born” to a very premature death.

There seems to be something very wrong here. What kind of message is His Holiness sending out? Ditto for Cardinal Dolan of NYC.

Maybe their parents never told them that actions speak louder than words. In this case, it is their inaction that is speaking for them.

Where is the outrage? Have our political and religious leaders been neutered by ultra-liberalism and political correctness?

New York’s Reproductive Health Act is certainly not healthy to tens of thousands of almost-born and maybe new born children who can now be legally murdered in the name of reproductive health.

There is nothing healthy about this horror. You know something is bad wrong when the NY homicide law had to be changed before this new Reproductive Health Act could be considered.

Please speak out before we lose our moral compass, our compassion, our nation and our very souls.

Contact your elected representatives, pastor, priest, or rabbi and demand action.

This abomination is clearly in their purview and must not stand in America.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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Not true- fake news!! Please check your facts!!

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