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No matter what one writes, somebody is going going to paint your comments as either racist or wonderful.

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in response to the writers question about the acknowledgement of race. The United States was founded with a flawed racialized foundation and the support of an image of Jesus with blue eyes and blond hair. The 1619 Project provided a fresh scholarly report of the history of the first enslaved Africans to arrive to Virginia. It chronicles the history of Africans in the United States and the adverse institutionalized laws and statues that adversely affected Africans and People of Color. I offer the following book to the retired Master Sergeant. "White Fragility" written sociologist Robin DiAngelo's book which lays out a theory of white sensitivity to issues surrounding race. There are other books that provide insight and empirical data about the role of race in the United States. I appreciate his perspective and it conveys a theme that many possess in our community but will never say it. Change will only happen when the problem is identified and addressed. Denial is a process, but it doesn't provide the impetus for a resolution.

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