To the editor:

In Saturday’s Dec. 29 edition of the KDH, page A6 Opinion, there is a letter titled, “Salado reader says congressional silence on Trump’s actions profound.”

I offer, “Harker Heights reader says congressional silence on the media’s actions are profound.”

Both statements are guaranteed protection under the First Amendment to our Constitution. Both are a bit one-sided and depending on your view point, unfair.

There are days when I think President Trump is his own worst enemy. I thought the same about President Obama on occasion.

However, I believe that network television news celebrities (reporters, they are not), major newspaper editorial writers, and unsupportive Republicans in Washington, D.C., are President Trump’s worst enemies.

The unsupportive Republicans have caused me to no longer identify myself as a Republican Party member. I am now an unapologetic Independent Conservative.

My own informal estimate is that 80 percent of all media coverage attacks President Trump or his agenda daily. I feel that only a small part of this is fair.

Most is filled with conjecture, unfair political spin, or intentional falsehoods that are slanderous, and border on being libel.

Considering this onslaught, it is a wonder President Trump has turned our economy from dreary to thriving in two years, put two new well-qualified justices on the Supreme Court, reduced unemployment in all reporting sectors, and made substantial headway against crime and illegal immigration.

Any other president would be lauded for these sea-change accomplishments to our nation.

Yet, somehow, this has all been turned “brown” by the lopsided media coverage. I find this extremely unfair.

I believe the average American taxpayer voter also finds this unfair. We will find out in 2020, barring any unseen political upheaval.

I believe our Constitution is designed to bring fairness and accountability into our daily lives.

Unfairness is abhorred in this country. At least that is what I was taught in public school.

Perhaps “Political Fairness 101” should be included in our post-graduate professional continuing education courses, so we do not forget how important it is for our nation’s future.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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