To the editor:

In coordination with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, there is a planned local event at St. Paul’s Parish Hall in Harker Heights on Nov. 18. Survivors of suicide loss, and interested others, are welcome to attend this public event from 2 to 4 p.m. that Saturday (today) for an AFSP film and panel discussion.

As a resident of the greater Fort Hood area, I am saddened and touched by the continual reports of precious lives lost to the lonely condition of suicide. As we honor the dedication of those in the military for serving our country, we must also recognize the staggering statistics, which list about 40,000 American lives per year ending in suicide. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.

Not only is the potential future for each of these important lives gone, but gone also is the relationship that will never be fully lived or realized in those that carry on without their child, parent, spouse, friend, relative or colleague.

We recognize courage in many ways as images may come into mind of brave soldiers, firemen or emergency workers rushing into harm’s way in truly honorable deeds.

I suggest that those of use who have lost our loved ones to the end of suicide have an eternal grief. Those left behind find a courage that is carried day by day in struggling to exist in a world in which we live with a memory in place of the physical presence of the person we knew and loved. They are always missed.

For people who have lived through the suicide death of someone they have known closely, or an acquaintance, there is a day devoted to these survivors.

International Survivors of Suicide Loss can gather together across the world in hopes of inspiration, empowerment, support and information in the aftermath of suicide.

Nancy Pfiester

Harker Heights

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