To the Editor:

I am a retired Army master sergeant and Killeen mail carrier. I have noticed, especially after the Trump election, that so many of the headlines, featured articles and opinions are biased against or are anti-Trump.

I really would appreciate a more balanced and unslanted/facutual publication.

This paper is the local paper of record, and as such, should also reflect the apolitical and yes, more conservative, viewpoints. Yes, some of your readership is conservative.

Try more centrist articles with less of the obvious overall liberal slant. All sides are part of the local culture; embrace it.

Stephen McHenry

Harker Heights

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I think the KDH does a good job at providing a balance of the news. It is slightly tilted to GOP, but that is expected where most local newsmakers belong to and the legislature is dominated by that party. I expect to see news in a newspaper, not partisan tripe. Negative news comes from negative actions by the actor, in this case, Trump. I would suggest that the writer broaden his news sources. Go to the library and look thru the magazines they have there. Check the internet if you doubt what's in the paper. You'll find that the paper mostly gets it right.

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