To the Editor:

I have never seen my country so leaderless and adrift. We have elected a president who seems to be completely detached from national and world events.

The world is on fire with Benghazi still fuming, Afghanistan is a mess, Iraq is burning, and Egypt/Libya is smoldering with internal strife. Moreover, Syria is in the middle of a civil war that spilled over into Iraq, and Israel is back at it with the Palestinians. In other words, the Muslim world is really on its ear. Added to this, Russia is on the move and it looks like Iran will develop a nuclear weapon.

Nationally, the Veterans Administration is not doing the job and the IRS is out of control along with Homeland Security. Our Defense Department will not be able to defend this country if the planned budget cuts stay in effect. “Obamacare” looks like it may bankrupt the country and the southern border mess has no end and no solution. Moreover, our national debt is approaching $17.5 trillion. Meanwhile, our president and Congress are going on vacation.

I have worked for a number of good leaders and some really poor ones. The really bad ones had one thing in common. When they became overwhelmed with the job, they resorted to the things they knew best, which normally had nothing to do with the mission, training or maintenance.

I think that is what is going on here with our president. I believe he is overwhelmed with the demands of the job, and he and his advisers don’t have a clue, so the president has resorted to what he knows best — and that is fundraising and speech making.

This is what happens when presidents are elected on emotion and not record. We elected a man who has no leadership or managerial experience. We elected a man who has never been in charge of so much as a Boy Scout troop. As a matter of fact, he never was a Boy Scout.

Maybe we can do better next time.

retired Col. Malvin L. Handy

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Mama Griz you seem to forget the United States Army Air Corps was bombing Germany prior to the Japanese attack. Germany didn’t attack us but since a Democrat was President it must be ok. MY GOD how many years has Obama been in Office and you guys are still blaming Bush! Obama is a bad President just be an adult and admit it—get over it. There is one man that has jumped for joy about Obama and that’s Jimmy 55 mph Carter he’s no longer the worst President—Obama now has that honor.




@ I think that is what is going on here with our president.
I believe he is overwhelmed with the demands of the job,
and he and his advisers don’t have a clue, ----------

Although I agree with several of the things the writer has said ,as far as the screwed up mess, the country is in - I have to disagree with one item in particular, The above,

I believe Obama is doing the job he has been ordered to do by those who made up the entire Agenda he was to follow. I believe he and his associates know their job very well.

Myself, I didn't vote for the man, I became alerted to him 6 months before he began his 1st run for office.
When he made his trip into Kenya to booster a governmental run for office by his 'cousin' Raila Odinga...(see below)

Look up the cousins name-The pictures of the two together when Obama went into Kenya while a U.S. Senator, are all over the web including photos of the two campaigning together.
The African people thought Obama was some kind of King of America (the same as some in this country do) and he would give them the world (and as some requested, Guns if needed) If he was elected president.

(Fighting is always going on in the African Nations, One of the biggest mistakes ever made was when the British and French gave up the colonies they had there.
There has been nothing but Murder and Mayhem ever since and Slavery still Reins as it always did by the Africans in Charge).

*Barack Obama has a cousin in Kenya he almost never talks about, Raila Odinga. Barack Obama has actively campaigned for cousin Raila Odinga to become president of Kenya - even before Obama started his own run for the presidency of the USA. Obama did this under the pretense of a taxpayer funded "fact finding mission." *



I really expected you to post something rational and logical this time. I guess you need more "re-education" so let me help...

Repeat after me: It's all Bush's fault. Conspiracy hogwash.




Sorry I really do need to go to that school were they will teach me to believe all you are told and the more liberal it sounds, Believe it even more. !

Mamma Griz

Oh, Col Handy. You said that maybe we can do better next time. In case you don't know it, GEN Dwight David Eisenhower is no longer living.

Mamma Griz

I didn't have to read any further than the very top-- before the first word in the letter-- to know who the one comment would be from. It's a foregone conclusion.

The writer says "Afghanistan is a mess, Iraq is burning". I wonder why. Just because we got into TWO wars we didn't have to stick our nose in to. And whose fault was that? That part of the world has been in conflict since Christ was a corporal-- so why are we involved. BTW, when did Iraq and Afghanistan invade our country? I remember when Japan invaded our country, so we got into a war we should have gotten in to.

I remember the days of WW2 pretty well.

The war in Iraq-- what did we get out of it. Over 4,000 dead and many others disabled. A VA system that got overwhelmed by those numbers--C&P as well as healthcare.

Let's worry about things that concern the people living here-- not those in Iraq and such places. They don't worry about us, so let's do the same to them.


"Let's worry about things that concern the people living here"

...So, you support closing our borders.


"We" did not elect this incompetent failure.

Nor did "we" appoint his corrupt ministers and incompetent, Iran-loving advisors.

"We" aren't responsible for this collapse of leadership and integrity.

"LIBERALS" are responsible. "I" VOTED CORRECTLY.

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