To the Editor:

On the KDH Opinion page of Feb. 7, the editorial states: “Trump’s speech was solid — for the most part.”

My mother would have called this a left-handed compliment. I remember asking her “What is a left-handed compliment?”

She told me that is when you seem to say something nice about someone, but you really don’t!

Here is another example from the same editorial, “Despite some jarring moments, he made a passable attempt at a presidential tone.”

So, you do not have to hit me in the head with a rock to convince me you do not think much of President Trump.

The entirety of this editorial is a negative diatribe of what could be accomplished if our president does not screw it up as usual.

I expected a fair analysis from the KDH, keeping in mind how well our economy is doing for all Americans, especially minorities, women and the entire middle class.

After all, it is the middle class whose work contributes mightily to our Gross National Product and drives the great engine of production that is America.

Also, many people do not realize that our U.S. Military is made up primarily of middle-class volunteers (The Heritage Foundation reports that most U.S. military personnel comes from middle class neighborhoods and income levels).

Let’s face it, Donald Trump is a proverbial “orange-headed step-child” in Washington, D.C. An uninvited dinner guest no one wanted.

Washington’s insiders of both parties had clearly anointed Hillary Clinton to be their next president in 2017.

Both parties knew her and knew she would keep the D.C. swamp wet and slimy with like-minded creatures of the dark.

What is the old political saying, “It is better to have the devil you know, rather than a devil you don’t know!”

They never expected Donald Trump. He was and is not one of them. He will never be accepted by the D.C. political aristocrats or the liberal media moguls.

He is bold, brash, unapologetic and hits back when struck smartly. He likes to get things done on time and under budget!

Like an old western “town-tamer,” he rode into Washington like Wyatt Earp riding into Dodge City. A stunning contrast to Barrack Obama’s version of “Mr. Limpet Goes to Washington!”

President Trump will not be seduced by the Washington, D.C., political power grid.This is what Washington hates most about him.

It is also what we blue-collar-middle-class-riffraff like most about him. He clearly is a man of the people.

I am disappointed with the KDH’s editorial review of President Trump’s SOTU address.

I found I could not even give it a left-handed compliment.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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