To the Editor:

I am a 77-year-old man. As a little boy of 7, I was taught in Sunday school a child’s hymm that went: “He has the whole world in His hands, He has the whole wide world in His hands, etc.”

So for 70 years I have known God has the whole world in his hands and that means it is secure.

This planet warming has a smack of fraud in it.

In school in the 1940s I was taught that our planet has several warming and ice ages, and there was no industry at all in the centuries before and after the dinosaurs.

Also in the 1930s the USA experienced a really big drought and God saw fit to send the rains. Drought gone.

Long story short, I put my faith in the Holy Bible and the Word of God Almighty.

Let the record show eons have passed and our planet is still in good shape.

Robert Morgan

Harker Heights

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