To the Editor:

Many of us are excited about Earth Day (April 22), and to some, this is the year to make a big difference.

There are no shortages of events and programs to attend — the possibilities seem limitless and the feelings it incites is exhilarating, but as the scope of the celebration begins to settle in, some folks may also find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

It is, after all, Earth Day—which in essence means that we’re taking on a planetary sized job, so where does one begin? The good news is many other Earth Day enthusiasts have faced these challenges before, so the best advice is to start small.

Are you a water conservationist? Then start by turning off the tap while brushing. Are you concerned about landfills? Then ditch the paper napkins for linen ones, and the next time you go out to eat, bring Tupperware for your leftovers, which is a better alternative than using Styrofoam containers.

Making little changes can positively influence others and help make our planet a cleaner and safer place. So in that spirit, let’s use Earth Day as a starting off point for bigger and better things to come.

Sandra Y. Desjardins

Harker Heights

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