Heights reader offers different perspective on no-knock warrants

To the Editor:

This is concerning the police use of no-knock warrants.

First, I would like to say, I’m not here to bash the police, and God bless you for doing a thankless job.

The point I want to make is accountability.

If the police, who are human and fallible, make a mistake on the warrant and break in to a residence and the home owner is killed, is anyone held accountable?

The answer would be no.

They would likely issue an apology and give out a cash settlement.

Let’s change the scenario to the police officer being killed.

The home owner would be arrested immediately and his bond would be so high that you would have to be a billionaire in order to be released.

This home owner now has to go through all the heartache and expense of a trial and hope to God he is acquitted.

Now let’s say the police have all their ducks in a row and they execute the no-knock and the accused kills a police officer.

Should he be charged with capital murder?

If he is a convicted felon, the answer is “yes, he should not have a gun.”

If the accused has no criminal history to bar him from owning a gun, then what’s the answer?

The answer is that everyone needs to be accountable to the same standard.

If the police make a mistake, charge those responsible with involuntary manslaughter.

In return, if the accused kills a police officer and is not legally allowed to have a firearm, charge him with capital murder.

If the accused has the legal right to have a gun and an officer is killed during the execution of a no-knock, there should be no charges, for those are inherit risks of no-knock warrants.

Christian Grimmer

Harker Heights

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