To the Editor:

First, can we all agree that a terrible tragedy occurred with the killing of Mr. Lyle P. Blanchard by Cpl. Geers. Nothing can change the outcome of the incident.

I believe several mistakes happened, that if it could be done over again, the results would be very different. If Mr. Blanchard had taken “no action,” remained seated in his vehicle, and obeyed Cpl. Geers’ orders, Mr. Blanchard would be alive and well today. If Cpl. Geers had called for and waited for back-up assistance, Mr. Blanchard would be alive and well today.

All the “what ifs” will not change the facts. Mr. Blanchard is dead. The grand jury has seen the evidence and ruled.

 Now, the issue of should the law abiding, concerned citizens of Bell County, be allowed to view the “Dash-cam” of the tragedy?

I’m am sure many citizens would feel a considerable amount safer, secure and trusting in the Bell County Sheriff’s Department if we are allowed to view the footage for ourselves.

 Sheriff Eddie Lange reportedly made a statement calling it “a gunbattle.” It was for sure a gunbattle, not a battle-of-guns. No other weapon has ever been mentioned during the investigation.

Why hasn’t Sheriff Eddie Lange, explained his statement to the voting public, who put him in office, to “protect and serve”? Has Cpl. Geers received additional training or retraining since the tragedy? Does Cpl. Geers continue to patrol alone? If so, is this the safest option for Cpl. Geers to be performing his duties alone, or should he receive guidance for a few months by riding along with a senior deputy? If a civil case is brought, will the viewing of the “Dash-cam” prejudice the jury pool before the trial?

 I hope the attorney general will understand how important “trust and confidence” in our law enforcement personnel is to the residents of Bell County, the people they swore an oath to “serve and protect,” which, 99.8 percent of the time they perform their duties without question. God bless and protect our law enforcement personnel every day.

M.S. Moody

Harker Heights

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It is indeed a tragedy that this citizen was killed.

And certainly, when law enforcement acts lawfully, they have my full support.

However, your letter is in error when you state that the grand jury "ruled"; they did not. They took "no action", to their eternal damnation.

There is no evidence that deadly force was authorized by the deputy in this incident. The same rules and laws that apply to me apply to him. This officer should have been indicted and sent to trial for his actions. Let a criminal jury decide his fate. Shane on all involved for not making this happen, and potentially covering up this incident.

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