To the Editor:

I had the privilege to attend the Pride Month Ceremony at Fort Hood on Wednesday.

I haven’t been as proud of America since November 2008, when we elected our first biracial president, Barack Obama.

“Diversity,” “inclusion” and “family” were the words I will remember from the poignant and dignified program.

I was moved emotionally as I observed soldiers from all ranks, ages, gender and race participate in and attend the program. The ballroom reflected the diversity of America.

The guest speaker, Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith, deputy chief of staff, U.S. Army, was the epitome of what a public speaker should be.

She was humble, succinct, confident and engaging as she shared her story. A story that still puts many of our soldiers in harm’s way if they self-identify as LGBT by their own.

I will never forget Brig. Gen. Smith or the unknown number of our soldiers who must bear the judgment and disdain of people they protect at home and abroad.

They do it because they love this country and they show it by sacrificing who they are behind that uniform.

Less than 2 percent, about 3 million folks, serve in the military out of America’s 305,816,827 population.

Thanks to President Obama, our soldiers don’t have to hide their families or orientation.

Presidential Proclamation 2014 by President Obama reads, “As progress spreads from state to state, as justice is delivered in the courtroom, and as more of our fellow Americans are treated with dignity and respect-our Nation becomes not only more accepting, but more equal as well.”

It is Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel whose remarks reflect what I was part of Wednesday, “The United States military has long benefited from the service of gay men and lesbians. Now they serve openly with full honor, integrity and respect. I am proud of our entire DOD LGBT community, military and civilian, for what they do to make our armed forces stronger and our nation safer.”

Thank you, LGBT soldiers, for doing what 20 percent of Congress hasn’t done and 98 percent of the populace — served this country with honor and sacrifice. I salute you and thank you.

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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We have read many of your rude comments- everything from fire ants to climate change being a hoax!
You are a bully!
You need to stop!
You can dish it out- but can't take it!
Grow up!
Nothing else follows


I don't know who you're addressing. but perhaps after your mental health check, you should google "1st amendment" and educate yourself on America.

Make sure you take your meds.

Nothing else follows.



"Two Wrongs Make A Right' by MammaG

Coming to a bookstore near you. [smile]


Bubba ,
Your comments are vile, disgusting, despicable - and you are wrong about the law.


I have reported your comment for action.

My comments are truthful, accurate and time tested. Don't ever use these words in connection with my name-and go read the UCMJ and get an education for yourself.

And grow up.


The vile, disgusting comments made here by the resident liberal have been reported as the hate speech it is.


Homosexuals and homosexual conduct are not authorized in the United States military. Their presence and their behavior are violations of law. Allowing them to remain is a violation of law in itself, which is prejudicial to good order. Ignoring law, and allowing them on active duty, is providing them special rights and privileges above other citizens and this is a violation of the Constitution of the United States, to wit: the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. As the United States military are sworn to defend our Constitution, it follows that this process begin by obeying it.

Allowing this unwholesome situation to even exist is a failure in leadership. It destroys trust and cohesion, as some military personnel are granted special rights and others are not.

You can't have it both ways; either the UCMJ applies to all at all times, or it does not.

Mamma Griz

Bubba: OH, I guess in your book it is alright for a straight guy in the military to sexually assault a female. Isn't that in violation of the UCMJ? And aren't some cases of fraternization against the UCMJ? Yet it goes on day after day. I guess it is wrong in your book if it goes against YOUR grain but if it means a male can sexually assault a female it is OK in YOUR book. Maybe you should get off your high horse and meet people who aren't of your social status. I knew some gay soldiers stationed at Fort Hood and they were fine guys-- and knew the meaning of WORK. On the other hand, some straight guys knew the meaning of SEX and not work.


Wonderful letter! I have many gay friends and have never seen anything inappropriate . Great workers, great friends.
Hard to believe the ignorance and prejudice of some people.
As my father once said- "You can't fix stupid".
And rude comments should be reported.
Thanks for the compassion and intelligence of your letter.


Glenda Turck is apparently trying to hide her identity and her affiliation with the Bell County Liberals.

This is a wildly offensive and extremely inappropriate activity on Fort Hood. These people are unfit for active duty as their chosen lifestyles are in violation of the UCMJ. Their continued presence in the military is prejudicial to good order and discipline, and they should be separated immediately.

Having a celebration for illegal behavior is not in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service, and all involved should be relieved.


GTurck - I could not have said it better and totally agree with your statement.
We are all human beings and don't need labels. I apreciate everyone for who they are.
Labels just divide us ......


[smile]Ms. Roberts has done a commendab job of reminding us of the importance of all Americans in and our of the military; whether straight or gay. If we can appreciate each other as human beings we don't need labels.

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