To the editor:

There is a “reality redemption” story that comes around every so often on email. It goes something like this: A woman is expressing her annoyance at a man friend’s beer drinking habits. First, she asks him how much beer does he drink each week? Followed by what is the average cost of each bottle or can of beer? The man tells her the number of beers he drinks per week and the average cost per beer.

She does some quick multiplication of the numbers, then states “If you would have saved your money, instead of guzzling beer for the last 10 years, you would be driving a Ferrari now instead of a beat-up old truck! The man looks are her quizzically, then quietly asks, “Where is your Ferrari?”

I read Ann McFeatters’ column in the May 14 KDH, titled, “There’s one way out of this mess” For, twenty-inches of 10-point text, Ms. McFeatters conjures up all President Trump’s faults and failings, real and imagined.

Let’s see, to paraphrase Ms. McFeatters, President Trump is: a proven liar (10,000 misstatements of fact while in office), one of the worst business people in the history of the world, a con artist, self-promoter and scofflaw (I am not sure what a scofflaw is, but it cannot be good), a tax fraud, defying Congress’ right to congressional oversight, controlled by wimpy Republicans, starts trade wars, alienates our allies, gives comfort to murders and dictators, separates children from their parents, deregulates businesses ... This fearful diatribe goes on ad nauseum.

Ms.McFeatters seem so distraught she would gladly light the fire to burn President Trump for witchcraft. I cannot imagine the disdain she would have had for Lyndon Johnson! Beheading, no doubt! She needs to read “The Path to Power” by Robert A. Caro — a biography of LBJ’s political career.

I believe Ms. McFeatters and the media hate President Donald Trump because they cannot control him after a billion words of half-truths and inuendoes.

I believe the Democrat Party hates him because they cannot control him by granting him access to billionaire donors. President Trump is already a billionaire and probably does not need their money.

Both the media and the Democrat Party have been unable to convince American voters that President Donald Trump does not deserve a second term. They bet all their political capital on the fore-tainted Robert Mueller Russian collusion probe and lost. In fact, this ploy failed miserably in the eyes of fair-minded Americans.

The Democrat Party has already produced a large roster of presidential candidates who collectively and singly are unimpressive. They are too old, too young, too far left, or way too green! Whoever they select from this group to take on President Trump in 2020 most likely will fail. Then I and many others will enjoy four more years of your aberration in the White House, as well as the horrible booming economy and high employment numbers he obviously stole from the Russians.

So, Ms. McFeatters, after considering the Democrats’ “Hate Trump” platform, and the Democrat’s presidential candidates for 2020, where is your Ferrari?

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