To the Editor:

In response to Ms. Andrews’ open letter to the Utah judge upholding “gay marriages,” dated Dec. 28, I would like to respond by addressing her concerns about gay marriages. 

You said you were a school teacher, that you and your partner have been together for 29 years and that you were married in the state of Washington. 

My question to you is this: If you were married in Washington State, why did you come back to Texas? 

Secondly, the Texas Constitution is very explicit concerning gay marriages. 

If you and your significant other are not happy living in the state of Texas may I suggest to you that there are numerous states that recognize gay marriages and you may want to consider your options. 

There are numerous GOOD people in the state of Texas who do not consider gay marriages in any way, shape or form. 

Please understand this response is not in any way chastisement or disregard for yourself and significant other, just that for you to remember, this is the “Bible Belt.”

I wish you the best.

Dr. Gary Honaker

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Well Pete, there is other taxes they pay. If this really upsets you and you want a government to tax the Church, and tell it what to do please by all means move to Germany you’ll be happy. A lot of us are sick and tried of bigots like you that spout intolerant beliefs and behavior. So it looks like my first comment to you was right.


Dr S, - Check the Bell County Tax Appraisal District website and show me any church that pays property taxes on their multi-million dollar places of worship. Separation of church and state? Nope. Subsidizing of religion by the state, while the "worshipers" spout intolerant beliefs - where? In the Bible Belt!

Dr Strangelove

Pete, I’m not name calling I stated a fact IMHO you sound like a Christian-bigot. What I got from your comment is Christians are bigots because they don’t support homosexual marriage. Christians cannot judge anyone. Then you complained about Churches not paying taxes—you don’t have a clue Churches do pay taxes. You talk about Christian principles if you’re talking about supporting homosexual marriage that is not a Christian, Jewish or Muslim principle. Or am I wrong about your comment? If I’m wrong I apologize—please show me where I’m wrong about your comment?


Dr S - read a little closer. My observation was the lack of Christian principles being displayed in the Bible Belt.

But you are welcome to call me more names if you so desire. Your comment is a great example of my observation. Good day sir.

Dr Strangelove

Well Pete we can see you’re a Christian-bigot. Quote "judge not lest ye be judged". So are you suggesting we get rid of the judicial system in the United States and we judge no one? So we need to close all the prisons set everyone free and only let God judge them? So I guess you need to judge how stupid your comment is. Typical liberal response you’re pulling the race card and this has nothing to do with race or God’s Love.

You’re pulling the Homosexual lobby’s biggest lie—well if you don’t support homosexual marriage you’re a hateful bigot. They try to equate homosexual marriage with the Civil Rights movement to give black Americans equal rights in the 1960s. You liberals need to be ashamed of even suggesting it’s the same thing—but you’re not you libs are that arrogant. THIS IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT—End of line!


Dr. Honaker cites "Bible Belt" near the end of his intolerant diatribe. Doesn't the Bible have all different forms of "marriage" in it? Doesn't the Bible teach "judge not lest ye be judged". Citing the Bible and Central Texas' proximity to the "Belt" is the weakest of arguments.

I am again amazed at how little of God's Love is displayed toward people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, incomes and the many other differences that make those different people "they" or "them".

Apparently, not much of God's Love seeps into the usual KDH's posters grey matter as they sit in their multi-million dollar, non property tax paying edifices (churches) that appear on seemingly every corner in the Bible Belt!!

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz: The reason for so many illegitimate children is because of the radical feminist movement; they wanted all this free sex and so-called love. They told young women to have all the sex they want just like a man. Also the passage of and legalization of the birth control pill. Check the writings of Pope Paul VI he said with the birth control pill and abortion on demand out of wedlock births would be out of control—everything that is happening today he predicted it in the 1960s.

Shacking up is wrong too why a woman will let a man treat her like an unpaid whore is beyond me. Today men are just so laughing at all the free sex they get; they take no responsibility at all, treat women like a piece of meat. The radical feminist movement has caused this.

The majority of Americans like me want same-sex couples to have legal rights but not marriage. Marriage is a Sacrament between one man and one woman—end of line.

The majority of politicians listen to the very powerful, and RICH, homosexual lobby’s lies they really don’t care they have sold their souls for money and votes—it is not a civil right—fact!


Nailed it! [thumbup]

Mamma Griz

Dr. Strangelove-- No, it is not because of the radical feminist movement. It is because men want to be powerful and getting a gal pregnant is one way to do it. Men should learn to keep their pants zipped up and treat a female as a person and not their property-- or go visit a veterinarian and get NEUTERED. That way a gal wouldn't have to depend on birth control pills or abortions-- two things you seem to despise. Oh, if birth control pills are so wrong, why is it OK for men to take Viagra or Cialis? The main thing for them is "when the time is right".

Maybe the day will come when men can treat women like people and not property. My husband knew I was a person and not his piece of property.

Mamma Griz

Bubba-- Isn't that just what people who do not believe in gay marriage are doing? I guess gay marriage is wrong but shacking up with people is OK. Why do you think there are so many illegitimate children walking the face of this earth?


Because people are giving away the "cookie" so easily now and to anyone. It has nothing to do with marriage.


...And the more kids you have, the more "cookies" you get!


the tactic of these people is to oppress those who disagree with them, make up phony laws, and demand that their personal views be accepted by all, OR ELSE.

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