To the Editor:

Well, fellow Texans, it seems as though that terrible destructive pest known as Political Correctness (PC) has wormed its way into the Bell County Justice System, or at least into the Justice of the Peace deptartment of Bell County.

I’m speaking in reference to the manner in which a sitting JP has thumbed her nose at justice, violated her oath of office, and should be held in Contempt of State Commission, and be required to surrender her resignation of office immediately.

 Our so-called JP, Ms. Claudia Brown, is truly laughing in the face of justice as she proudly displays her Letter of Reprimand, for her failure to comply with the law and maintain competence in the law.

 Once trust and confidence has been compromised, it is a very difficult standard to re-establish.

In this case, my trust and confidence in Ms, Brown has been totally destroyed. She brags about being the first Democrat as well as first African-American elected to the office of JP in Bell County.

Makes one wonder, if she were a Republican/white-American, Hispanic-American, Japanese-American, some other race-American, would she remain in office? Or, was the true arm of Justice twisted in fear of the “PC bug”?

In the last six months, we have all heard of members of Congress and TV personalities, with no positive proof, just being accused of sexual misconduct, being force to step down or resign from office.

However, we have a JP, by her own admission of guilt, committing an illegal, unconstitutional offense.

The next time you are stopped for speeding or any other infraction of the law, remember, you didn’t violate or break the law, you just didn’t comply with the law or maintain competence in the law.

A simple letter of reprimand should be the only corrective action required.

I intentionally omitted using the title of Judge Brown, simply because the title “judge” holds the subtitle of “Honorable.”

Honor has been purposely violated in this case.

M.S. Moody

Harker Heights

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Could not agree more. I have met the woman, she is a liberal loon and has no business in any elective office.

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