To the Editor:

Re: Spectrum cable service

In order to view past television episodes on which are not available through On-Demand, one must log in using one’s cable provider. Our new Spectrum is not listed as a provider; thus, one cannot view past episodes from the internet. When I live-chatted with a Spectrum rep, the bottom line was “I have forwarded this information to our management team,” so no resolution is at hand.

One service Time-Warner previously offered has now been cut by Spectrum. What other services will we lose in the future?

Many thanks.

Joseph Hogan

Harker Heights

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Heights Teacher

The user interface for the remote has also been "upgraded", and not for the better. Searching/surfing channels is a pain now. And try to go onto the Spectrum website to voice your concerns. There is no user feedback email link.

Dr Strangelove

Got rid of SAT & Cable TV years ago hooked up my antenna I live in Killeen and I get 23 free channels. I have Spectrum for Internet I subscribe to Hulu & Netflix and watch what I want to watch not a bunch of cable channels I’ll never watch.

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