To the Editor:

The Republican Party, tea party and an angry minority of the American electorate need to accept that on Nov. 6, 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as president.

He won the Electoral College and popular vote. President Obama’s State of the Union address was powerful and challenged Congress and all Americans to help turn our country around.

Jobs, equal pay for women in the workplace, saving our infrastructure from crumbling, assisting families keep their homes, raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour, alternative sources of energy, better education for all children and solutions to gun violence are issues we CAN solve. These issues must be addressed.

We pound our chest and salute our flag pushing democracy when we are denied it. Voter suppression and lack of equal pay for women is reality.

Please remember that Congress works for YOU. We sent them to Washington to represent our interests. It appears they have forgotten or don’t give a darn.

Remember these names: Sen. John Cronyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. John Carter, Rep. Steve Stockman and Gov. Rick Perry.

They vote against the interests of women, children, veterans, the poor, working poor and middle class. They ignore minorities unless they or of political use and have made it clear by their voting record and public rhetoric that the planet and its people don’t concern them in the least.

The State of the Union address was no pie in the sky wish list. It was a start to put this country on its feet and represented all Americans.

Our legislators, especially Republicans, continue to block, delay, deny, or say NO to any issue that doesn’t represent them and their cronies. The No’s are affecting the country and Texas communities negatively. The State of the Union address deserved the standing ovations it received.

It is up to us to line up with this president if we want the change we so fervently cry for.

No one can do everything, but we all can do something.

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Blak9, you can read all the articles you want. With the corrupt two party system we have today and a President with his own agenda the articles really don’t mean that much anymore. They’ve stacked the deck in their favor not the peoples favor. The Gov-mint is not functioning the way it should be. The founding fathers would be totally against this two party system we have today.


I know that, I agree with you, what many think today is that we have a King, not a President. Why is thais way? don't you think the citizens are the rerason they feel they can walk over the Constitution. the people sit back and are not engaged, they assume that they are following the Constitution, don't you think it strange that a soldier will be punished if he violate his oath, but a politician can walk all over his without any worry about being punished.


I really thought that we had three branches of government each independent of the other, They are not there to roll over to the president, they all have a different function, Please get a copy, read what the duties of the president, congress, judicial branch are. they are located in Article I thur III, I hear this a lot, it is a indication that people have not read and know how their government function.

Dr Strangelove


Gary Caraway

I don't care what you may label yourself or your politics. I want a government that works. We used to have that. After WWII America's debt was 122% of GDP. That's higher than the debt is today. Under Presidents Truman, Eisenhauer, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford & Carter the US government managed to pay down the debt. That was the responsible thing to do. Both parties managed to do it. I think that was an American value. While paying down the debt the above presidents expanded Social Security, built the National highway system, created Medicare, fought the Viet Nam war, created NASA and put men on the moon, et cetera, etc. What changed? President Reagan signed a massive tax cut into law. The National debt started to grow. Presidents Reagan, GHW Bush & Clinton raised taxes 7 or 8 times to correct this mistake. The 2nd term of President Clinton the government again started paying down the debt. Then President GW Bush's 2 tax cuts and 2 unfunded wars started growing the debt again. I would like to see todays government function as responsible as it did from 1940-1980. That is, I'd like to see it pay it's bills. Our bills. It seems a large number of us want somebody else to pay. We can't remain a Super Power indefinetly on credit.

Dr Strangelove

@Caribouchich please reread my post I was replying to Mama Griz comment on abortion. I agree with workable compromises put the majority of Democrats in Washington are far left liberals and for them it our way or the highway. Look at the demands for banning assault weapons and magazines over ten rounds when in fact the guy didn’t use assault weapons at Newtown. Look at the loss of jobs because this President thinks again no facts that humans are causing global warming. This President has a far-left agenda they don’t want workable compromises. Also how can anyone compromise with a man that voted to let babies die when they survive an abortion? So when you have a President and people like that; they know nothing of any value.


What planet do you live on.

You are just repeating what is said about truthfully said about Republicans in congress and say it about Democrats.

Do you really think you fool anyone with your elementary level "I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you" response to legitimate problems with Republicans in congress.

I know I lost you already, because you treat politics like a sport, and Republicans are your team. Too bad the only thing they'll ever let you do is be the janitor at their private club.


Wow! Ms. Roberts seems to have hit a few nerves out there!

Dr Strangelove reasons that Ms. Roberts must be a liberal - therefore, she is for abortions - therefore, she can know nothing of any value. She also says liberals are "too lazy to work and want free handouts" and will put the bills on their kids and grandkids.

Elize has decided Ms. Roberts is a tree-hugger and, therefore, knows nothing of any value.

Bubba says liberals are arrogant and "steal elections" and will end up in "hell".

I believe Ms. Roberts had some valid points as do the folks who took time to comment. I also believe that we need to listen to each other and treat each other with respect. If we don't, then we mirror exactly what is going on in Washington, D.C. Our senators and representatives have quit listening to each other or talking through the issues to come up with good, workable compromises for our country Remember that we are all in this together and we can't come up with compromises unless you first stop and listen to each other.


No I didn't decide or say Mamma Griz knows nothing of value what I said was the below.

are under the mis-conception that anyone who leans toward a conservative thought is out to destroy the world.


It really doesn't matter who is or isn't a tree hugger or may have any possible mis-conceptions of anything ,the letter writer,mama griz, myself or any other.
What matters is that all of us, have the ability and means through a media system of stating those thoughts due to the freedoms we've been given and still have,at least this far.
No one knows about the future.

Since none of us are robots,I would think, those thoughts are generally going to be different and stated in a different manner.

I happen to think, those freedoms of thoughts and speech are more protected by a conservative type government, and have thought that more so in the last years,after having lived under the liberal train of thought, that is being pushed onto the citizens more each day. If others haven't been able to conceive what I think is happening,that is their affair.

I think its to my benefit and anyone I feel the need to protect, to keep singing my song of what I believe may be happening, and may be wrong, for the betterment of my country,myself and any I care about.
If I don't,I may be taken for the fool, I think I'm being taken for.
And end up wishing I had listened to my thoughts.


So do you have a problem with trees.

I guess the drought has made you smile big time.

Come this summer a whole lot of dead trees will be everywhere as many finally give up after years of too little water.

Really the fact that consurtivz call liberals tree huggers as an insult shows the problem with your sort of thinking.

Trees are a good thing, and a healthy landscape in these parts should have a lot of trees.

The fact that you so glibly associate trees with something you consider bad wow.


don't say I didn't warn you.

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz liberals like you crack me up. You claim to be about love and understanding yet you want to kill innocent babies. The reason we have abortion mills was done by the courts for the right of privacy Roe vs Wade. The lawyer for Roe that claimed of millions of back alley abortions; years later admitted he lied about it. Also why is the majority of abortion mills located in black neighborhoods? Maybe you WASP’s want to get rid of a certain race of people—Margret Sanger the feminists hero wanted to exterminate non-white people. I say let’s go back to these so-called back alley abortion mills then maybe more babies will be alive today. I believe in a woman’s right to choose—however a mother has no right to kill her baby!


Dr. Strangelove you are so right.

How dare libruls like Mamma Griz talk about love when they support a woman's right to choose.

Doesn't she realize that when it comes to pregnancy a woman is nothing more than an incubator with all her rights suspended until she gives birth.


Thank you for the reminder that congress really is supposed to represent us and work on our behalf. And please add Louie Gohmert to the list. He's an embarrassment.

Mamma Griz

Eliza, it is funny you should bring up the subject of abortion. You probably are too young to remember the days of back-alley coat-hanger abortions. No, I never had one-- in fact, I was never a mother but I was a stepmother-- and a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Who is it that is getting rid of abortion clinics, making it hard for women to get abortions-- and willing to put us back to the time of back-alley coat-hanger abortions. Yes, there were such things back then-- and looks like some people want them to come back.

Then Planned Parenthood wants to teach women how to avoid pregnancy-- as well as to take care of other health problems that women can have-- and people are against that.

It is just the WASP males and females that I am afraid of, the rabid ones who care for no one but the affuent WASPs.

Dr Strangelove

I will not forget those names either and will vote for them AGAIN! Just look at those selfish liberals not caring for their country only their self-interests. Pushing their bills on their kids and grandkids because they’re too lazy to work and want free handouts. What a bunch of beggars.


@ Remember these names: Sen. John Cronyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. John Carter, Rep. Steve Stockman and Gov. Rick Perry.
They vote against the interests of women, children, veterans, the poor, working poor and middle class. They ignore minorities unless they or of political use and have made it clear by their voting record and public rhetoric that the planet and its people don’t concern them in the least.---

The writer of article may have had me sold on her train of thought until,she made the mistake of including the word - planet - which let me know what she is,one of them tree hugger types who are under the mis-conception that anyone who leans toward a conservative thought is out to destroy the world.

The writer mentions these names - Sen. John Cronyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. John Carter, Rep. Steve Stockman and Gov. Rick Perry,
asking the readers not to forget them, [smile] -

I pray to God no one in Texas will,since they may be what keeps the state of Texas and the rights of the states people, safe and secure. If it were not for men like the afore mentioned,the people would have a problem involving some from out of state wanting to roll over them and take their reins away.
Texas has had to continue to argue with the powers that be in the white house, about everything from guarding the borders of the country ,which the white house and their employees insist are VERY SECURE, (which shows how little they know about the state of Texas, or any of the border states) to stating why the citizens guns should not be confiscated, or gun control be placed against any law abiding citizen of the state.

I,myself feel if the men named did not hold their positions as is,our state and our country would only be in an even worse condition then the one that has come upon it in the last few years.

As the writer has stated their interest in the treatment of children, they forgot to include unborn babies that are allowed to be slaughtered by abortion, this right given in a large part by the party the writer seems to favor.
Until that party can find itself willing to argue for the sake of these babies instead of encouraging the mis-treatment by abortion even in late term,when the baby especially feels the same pain as any adult human being , How can any really believe they have the interest of any of the other things that party or its leader state they care about.
Maybe they have no interest in these human beings, because the unborn can not speak for itself and maybe its because the unborn can not vote,so there fore there is no big interest in them.

To them its all about the votes,
Even at their convention,They were willing to even Forsake Gods name as part of their platform to appease many of their parties members.
I don't believe any of the men's names mentioned -
Sen. John Cronyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. John Carter, Rep. Steve Stockman and Gov. Rick Perry,- would find it in their character to have been of the same caliber to even belong to a party that had other such members attached to it.
It says something sinister about a person when you have to argue with them to find out, if God is welcome to the party or not.

Mamma Griz

BTW Eliza, I see you mention God. Just who is he? Are you sure he does exist or is it something you read about in that book written by MORTAL MEN thousands of years after the fact. They weren't around at the time in question and no one had a tape recorder to tape events. You don't even know for sure if words that were spoken were actually spoken or just a figment of man's imagination. I was a church goer in my younger days, but the older I get the more I question that book, the events, the MORTAL MEN who wrote it.


I can see from all of your comments,you seem to be very confused and I think further explnation would only confuse you more.
You mentioned though that you aren't certain if there is a God,
most people who have thought the same, His Name has been the last word they've said before they passed on over to his home in the sky.-

I 'm glad your grandson has been able to make it back from serving his country.
I have had people who haven't and won't dis-respect them or their names by not continuing to argue for what I believe is right for the country they loved and died for.
Your thoughts are your own business,I believe deeply in freedom of speech even if it doesn't make sense to me or is different from my own belief.


To all of you arrogant liberals: I don't care how many elections you fraudulently steal. Your values run contrary to Real American values and I reject them; further, obama is not my president-he's all yours. Accordingly, we Real Americans will continue to object to your failed ideas, and stand against the breath-taking incompetence in DC that has now cost lives. It wasn't enough that you liberals deliberately wrecked our economy, and passed illegal health care bills, now you're getting Americans killed on foreign soil.

So spare me your arrogant posturing and lecturing and read a book-a history book-and learn how our republic actually operates. There willalways be scoundrels in government, and those who oppose them. The fact that you now agree with the liars and thieves doesn't mean they aren't liars and thieves-and doesn't mean we stop opposing them and you.

If you can't accept that -move to china where arrogant intolerance is par for their course.

Mamma Griz

Bubba, so PRESIDENT OBAMA isn't your president? I thought he was the President of the United States. Are you from another country or another planet? You said that someone could go to China-- why don't you go to Syria or better to Siberia. Then for sure he wouldn't be your president.


No, he's not. I dodn't vote for him-I don't recognize him as my president. obama represents everything that's wrong with my country. As I am a Real American-I'm not leaving-perhaps you should. Don't let the door hit you on the rump as you go.

Mamma Griz

Oh Bubba, you said something about Americans being killed on foreign soil? Let me see. George W Bush was the one to start the two wars on foreign soil-- and two UNFUNDED wars at that-- for no reason at all except he wanted the oil. So don't blame President Obama for something your savior is responsible for! We are out of one and the other is going to wind down. Thank goodness my grandson's name is not among the KIA.


Ridiculous. The US didn't get any oil in iraq, as that asset belongs to the Iraqi people. You're an ignorant fool-your postings prove it. Just thank your lucky stars that there are better Americans than you willing to defend your freedom-while you sit in safety and arrogance. obama ran guns illegally into mexico and got an American killed. obama ignored intelligence reports and left 4 Americans to die in Libya. As you support obama, you are just as guilty and will learn this on Judgment Day. Enjoy Hell.


Bubba, don't waste your time, they don't know how the three branches of government operate, and they ignore that congress approved the actions in Iraq, therefore funded the war.

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