To the Editor:

Just because some people are easily offended does not make me “intolerant.”

I’m sorry it offends you when I say “Merry Christmas.” But, you don’t care when my belief is mocked by public displays of “beer trees” and signs declaring “We don’t need Christ in Christmas” by those who don’t believe the same as me.

The fact that I say “Merry Christmas” does not make me “intolerant” of your beliefs, so why are you “intolerant” of mine?

I’m sorry it offends you that I believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman. That does not automatically make me “intolerant” toward those who think otherwise; yet I am ridiculed and called names because of my belief.

Why are you not as “tolerant” toward me as I am of you?

You wish to squelch beliefs different than your own and at the same time you expect everyone else to “tolerate” yours.

It seems, in your pursuit of “tolerance,” you have become the most “intolerant” among us.

D. Higginbotham

Harker Heights

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Merry Christmas!


I believe, that I have seen selective favoritism with many a small newspaper in what opinions are shown and for how long they appear. It has to get by the editor's worldview of what is tolerable or not. Editors go to journalism school, where there is mostly liberals pushing an agenda. They are proud of publishing their credentials online. Its from experience that I say, that's there is nothing worse than having a left leaning liberal making decisions about one's grades in school, because its subjective. Bad grades will diminish one's chances of getting good employment. So, while the secular forces are working at removing/changing the meaning of Christmas, a person of religious practice/beliefs/lifestyle is viewed as "outside" the conventional lifestyle and is marginalized. Just look around and see how low the morality has become...shootings, killings, mob attacks just to mention some. Society wasn't as bad not to long ago. But when society accepts lower standards without punishment, it can all be traced back to episodes such as "what the meaning of is, is (blue dress)" and thus lowering the bar and tolerating almost anything.


The most arrogant, intolerant, and self-ordained citizens among us are the members of the "Thought Police", "Tolerance Police", and the "Politically Correct Police".

They run around stomping on the rights of others as they use the powerful weapon of "political correctness" to silence free speech and punish those who disagree with them.

In the name of "tolerance" they ram their often radical views down the throats of others as they have ordained themselves to rule. This has happened many times through history-it starts with shiny black boots, brown shirts, some rhetoric, and it ends up in tragedy.

Look at our culture today and see where this is happening around you and do that historical comparison-then think about what kind of country you want to live in-and react accordingly.

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