To the Editor:

This is related to Deborah Seigman’s letter on Aug. 5 reference speed on South Roy Reynolds Drive.

This street is the dividing line between Killeen and Harker Heights and belongs to Killeen. Many years ago, Harker Heights patrolled this street and kept the speed under control, but this did not affect the careless/drunk drivers. Now neither city patrols it and the speed is out of control. It needs a stop sign or traffic signal somewhere in the middle, which might help control the speed and volume of traffic.

North Roy Reynolds speed limit is 45 mph, but when southbound traffic crosses Veterans Memorial, the speed limit changes to 30 mph, with a 5-ton load limit. It has speed limit and load limit signs on both ends, but neither are obeyed. It is not controlled; many drivers drive 45-plus mph, because it is a shortcut to FM 2410, Rosewood and IH-14. If you drive 30-35, traffic just passes you. Also, commercial traffic uses it for a shortcut. There are children living and visiting on this street.

I have lived here for 38 years and currently have my 14th brick mailbox in front of my house. Most of the drivers who do not stop are either under the influence or have no driver’s license or insurance, and just keep on going. My mailbox base (which I fill with dirt and mortar) has totaled three vehicles. (I’m trying to help control traffic).

Dick Chapin

Harker Heights

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