To the Editor:

Is it really guns that are causing the problem In America? Why do we have so many angry adults and youth that want to commit mass killings? We see this from church slayings, to school shootings, and even random violence across America.

I think there are three core issues that we have not begun to address. First, as our society and culture continue to turn from God, we become more debased and corrupt. We rejected God’s word in the 1960s and decided that it was better to become a more secular and liberal society. Many in America have adopted “Separation of Church and State” as the national motto now. Today, one in five adults claims to have no religious affiliation according to Pew research.

Second, our broken families are producing broken people. Many families leave it to others to instill values in the next generation. Life has become so cheap that we destroy our children in the womb. Consequently, many of our children turn to their friends and the internet to determine their moral values.

Third, our toxic culture produces music, movies, games, etc. that promote anger, vulgar language, sexual exploitation and same sex attraction. It is little wonder that there is so much anger welling up from within us.

These are the real issues that are tearing America apart. If we don’t start working on ways to address these complex problems, we will not survive as a nation.

Lynn Crafton

Harker Heights

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