To the Editor:

In my opinion the U.S. postal system is broken.

Recently I sent a pretty hefty check by registered mail to a business in Dallas. It got lost — I mean gone, vanished, disappeared. Moreover, I have been expecting mail from the Defense Finance Office, which was mailed the 18th of March and has yet to arrive. Also we have recently mailed a birthday card to our grandson in California and it took three weeks to get there.

On top of all this, I often get my neighbors’ mail placed in my mailbox, which I immediately take to them. But, what if my mail is incorrectly delivered to my neighbors? Will they take the time to bring it to me? Therefore, I could have had mail intended for me wind up in someone’s trash can.

Then the post office advertises on TV that it pays its own way through the sale of stamps and rates on other mail, saying, “What a good deal their service is at no cost to the taxpayer.” Poppycock! Every year the post office is in the hole for several billion dollars and has to be bailed out by the taxpayer.

Frankly, when I have sensitive mail that must (for sure) get somewhere on time I use UPS or FedEx. Therefore, in my opinion, the solution to our broken postal system is to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

Retired Col. M.L. Handy

Harker Heights

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[sad]USPS is no different than any other govt. ran inefficient. and bloated. some of the employees could not survive working for a private company the USPS retirement fund is over funded by billions of dollars, can't get fired for incompetence, the worthless union won't allow that.


Yes privatization is the only way we can get the towns and rural areas that don't pay their way to use the system to pay the full price.

For the Killeen area it won't make much of a difference.

For towns and rural areas it could easily cost several $ to mail a simple letter, that is if they are lucky enough to have a private service set up to serve them.

Just like insurance, the less people there are in a market the less and sometimes NO choice you have in the matter.

Unlike Europe with its high population densities, large areas of this nation are sparsely populated, but because the Republicans won't let the Post Office quit money losing routes to those areas, the post office has to spend literally BILLIONS to serve a tiny fraction of Americans who live there.

The result is service suffers for everyone.

Only the government is able to provide a full service post to everyone in the nation 6 days a week.

Only the Republicans would force the post office to serve huge money losing routes while cutting its budget ensuring it will fail.

The goal is just what the colonial suggests, privatization sold to the right people at a low price (because of course it has lost money for so long the story will be, it's not worth much).

Now businesses have to make a profit and the first order of business will be to dump wholesale all those money losing rural and not on the freeway towns across the nation. No private company in their right mind would provide such service like the government forces the post office to do.

So pretty much instantly as a matter of good business practices about 1/2 of the nation could lose ALL postal service with about 25% being reduced to a few times a week.

OF course, that will just force those towns and rural areas to resort to the internet.

Oh but their waiting to be upgraded too.

Dial Up is still currently the only way many out of the way towns and rural areas.

Hey there is a suggestion, maybe we can come up with a dial up form of mail delivery. In a nation of I got mine scroo you, that will be more than those parasites deserve.

All in all the Blue states and Texas (the irony will be rich) will make out like bandits, because they (we) will NO LONGER have to provide the same mail service to people who have chosen to live out in the middle of nowhere as if they lived in one of our major cities where the cost of delivery is lower simply due to economies of scale.

Oh and for those who think there is a private white knight waiting in the wings to take over those sparsely populated areas and towns throughout the West and Rural parts of this nation you're fooling yourself. IF there were, congress would have happily allowed the Post office to abandon those money pits so that a private company could step forward and show them how to do it right.

When they checked though, all they herd were crickets.


you are obviously a liberal moron, it must be Bush's fault.

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