To the Editor:

Apparently, Mr. Dan Thomasson, an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service, has gotten caught up in the recent “he said, she said” vagaries of unsubstantiated sexual misconduct charges aglow in the media of late.  

His article, “What will it take to put sensible limits on guns?” published Saturday, Dec. 16, in the KDH, is full of vague and unsubstantiated statistics, authorities, and arguments on gun control. He talks about the horrific shooting in Las Vegas closely followed by a massacre of innocents in a Sutherland Springs, Texas Baptist Church. However, he fails to mention that the vendor putting on the concert in Las Vegas disallowed the carry of concealed weapons by the concert attendees, thus giving them no way to defend themselves. He also fails to mention that a legally owned and employed weapon by a resident of Sutherland Springs ended that massacre before it got worse.

I believe many Americans are finally coming to realize we are at war with radical Muslim terrorists and copy-cat mad men and women who live in our midst. Here is my view: Despite the best diplomatic efforts, wars never end until good men and women with guns subdue the bad men and women with guns. Yes, the killing of other humans is a terrible solution, but in my mind it is better than living as a slave.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights  

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We must protect our gun rights by defeating democrats for any office. That also includes turncoat RINOs, like Sen John Cornyn, who has always claimed to support our gun rights but now opposes them.

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