To the Editor:

Mr. Dennis DeWine (KDH May 18) comments on abortion are off the mark. The Ashley Coffey situation is a tragedy. Kermit Gosnell is an anomaly. Mr. Gosnell is a butcher and he got exactly what he deserved, prison for life.

The majority of abortions are safe medical procedures provided by reputable, compassionate physicians who have consulted with the women and yes, families, who made a choice that is between them and God. It is no more Mr. DeWine’s business than any medical procedure an individual chooses for personal or health reasons. Organizations and individuals like Central Texas Voices for Life use cases like Ms. Coffey to push political agendas.

Who decides what life deserves media coverage? Do the approximately 50 million living children from cradle to young adulthood in America who are hungry, homeless and need the bare necessities of life worthy of media coverage?

What about the lives of physicians murdered, harassed and threatened because they have decided to provide abortions? Does the blatant murder of the home God provided every living being and creature, earth deserve coverage? Rain forest disappearing, barrier reefs dying, glaciers and the Arctic Ocean melt and species becoming extinct. ... Is that life media worthy?

Are the lives of young men gunned down because of “stand your ground” laws that protect those who feel threatened and murder someone’s spouse or child media worthy?

Where is the sense of justice for the hundreds of innocent people executed on death row or the hundreds languishing at Guantanamo Bay whom the government knows aren’t terrorists. Don’t their lives deserve media coverage?

When did abortion become the standard bearer for LIFE or media coverage while we step on, around and over any life that we don’t understand, can’t explain or refuse to do anything about?

All life is important! I pray daily that the media stop cherry-picking what life is newsworthy and I suggest Mr. DeWine do the same.

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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It appears Ms. Roberts is watching a little too much MSNBC!


Murder is Murder no matter what you call it, You can call it legal, but it is still murder, People have grown cold, no feelings at all for life. A baby in the womb cannot be compared to the Martin incident ,

Dr Strangelove

Well Viktor I see another pointless commnet. I support the Bill of Rights so that makes me a fanatic? At least I’m not a wacko. For you information I’m against the death penalty. So put that in your pot pipe and smoke it.


Pointless and childish? Par for the course from a gun rights fanatic that has made his opinion of the 2nd amendment well known on this comment forum. Does an unborn child's life has more value than a criminal that robs just because one is innocent & the other is not? Killing is killing no matter how some try to slice it.


If some have ever watched the movies about the Old Roman Days, and saw their dealings when two captured slaves had to go into the arena to put on a show for the Main Man who sit up in the audience on a Throne,
At the end of their battle, if both were still alive ,it was up to the Main Man to decide rather the weakest one lived or died.
All the one in charge had to do was to turn a thumbs up or thumbs down to decide their fate.

What I see in this discussion of abortion, is that a portion of the people are giving a thumbs up to the unborn infant to be given a chance at live. While a group of lawyer/judges on a panel, can give a thumbs down and decide if its legal or not to kill off the unborn infant.
The one who will die (the baby) has no voice in the matter,
even though it is a live being, living ,eating and breathing off of the umbilical cord attached to its mother.

It hasn't committed any crime except to be the product of what two adults have been involved in.The majority of these involvements have been done willingly by both of these parents.

The below written by our Fore Fathers states in very certain language what is to be given to all citizens of the United States---The right to Life being the first, -Endowed to Them by their Creator--- I would think, No one has the legal right to extinguish that life at any time, only on a whim.

The United States Declaration of Independence, which was primarily drafted by Thomas Jefferson, was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. The text of the second section of the Declaration of Independence reads:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Ok lets start off by saying that a woman does have a choice. Now lets talk about the voiceless. whether a child grows up poor, homeless, or hungry is not the point. The unborn child had no choice in its existance two adults made that choice. Who speaks for those without voices. We see it time to time, a car accident takes the life of a woman and her unborn child and prosecutors are charging the drunk driver for the two losses of life. Well you can't have it both ways. Either the unborn child has a right to life or not. We as the adults need to stop cowering away from the issue by letting 51% of the electorate or a panel of appointed judges make this decision. It is simple a Constitutional Ammendment giving or denying the unborn child a right. Which side of this issue will you support?


Looks like the URL was stripped from my last. Sorry.


Thank you for your comments.
Here's the address of a Fact Sheet: Abortion Industry Negligence Nationwide from the Susan B. Anthony List that describes many, horrific abortion Dr. practices around our country.
Gosnell is not alone.


Yes ladies men do think like that? It seems this sentence is lacking the word "some" before the word, ladies. Not all men think like that because some actually take responsibility for their part in the act of procreation.

Dr Strangelove

@ Viktor the sentence doesn’t have the word “ALL” in it either. As usual your comment is pointless and childish.

Dr Strangelove

This person sounds like a Nazi “poor and homeless being hungry”—the Nazis had solution for their poor Jews and Slavs however they did it outside the womb.

I was going to post a long comment to this person but it’s so obvious she has bought into the feminists’ leftwing propaganda it would be a waste of time. It’s obvious she did no research at all about birth control pills/abortion and biology. I will say this why do you think breast cancer is so high in the United States and other western countries? Abortion and birth control pills that mess with a woman’s hormone system then fifteen years later you get breast cancer. Any bio-chemist with a grain of salt will tell you this.

I must say most men thank the feminist movement they’re laughing all the way to the bedroom. They can have all the fun they want with a woman and don’t worry about anything, she’s going to take some pills that end up aborting the baby however if I do knock her up. I’ll just give her some money and she’ll go to the local abortion mill and kill the child—I’m home free with these unpaid whores. Yes ladies men do think like that.


@ The majority of abortions are safe medical procedures provided by reputable, compassionate physicians who have consulted with the women and yes, families, who made a choice that is between them and God.

I believe for the 1st time in my life, I'm am going to be able to use the word 'Aghast'...
Since that's the way I felt ,when reading the above words from the letter writer.

I don't think the persons, or lets just say, a majority, have had any talks with God about eliminating a human being ,that he has made, When an abortion was decided. When the Abortion was being done just to eliminate, not to save a life in case of medical emergency.

I don't truly believe God would have given them his consent to destroy a life that he has saw fit to have begun.

The biblical words I can remember made pertaining to children, are 'Blessed Are The Children'. I take those words to mean, children are to be protected.
At least until they can protect themselves.

A helpless infant 'going under the knife' so to say, of any doctor, no matter if that doctors office is shiny and sanitary or a pig sty such as the one in Pa., but which is being done only to end its life ,
I don't think sits well with the man upstairs, the one who made that baby.

I would think when the word Abortion is used, God wishes his name as the one who has given approval, would be left out of the conversation.

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