To the Editor:

“Obamacare,” the Affordable Care Act recently flew into my window and left a huge rotten egg in my living room.

First, my wife lost her gynecologist because he will no longer accept Medicare patients due to the fact that half-trillion dollars was taken out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Therefore, doctors are losing money because Medicare is now paying less per visit.

Second, I have lost two doctors who have left Scott & White Hospital due to changes forced by rules dictated by Obamacare.

Heretofore, my doctor would see me then go to his office and dictate instructions that were transcribed by medical transcription specialists.

Now, due to forced Obamacare changes in medical computer programs many of the medical transcription specialists have been fired to save money. This means Scott & White doctors will have to do their own paperwork.

Moreover, Scott & White is now limiting doctors to 20 minutes per patient and that includes the time taken for this paperwork. So, the time with the doctor will probably be more like 10 minutes.

As my doctor said, “I went to medical school to treat patients, not be a secretary.”

President Obama said, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” He said nothing about your doctor not liking the plan and leaving you.

Expect many more unintended consequences like these as Obamacare is implemented.

In sum, Obamacare will mean fewer doctors to treat many more patients. This will mean longer wait times to get an appointment, longer wait times in the doctor’s office and lousy care given. As Dr. Phil would say, “how’s Obamacare working out for you now?”

retired Col. M. L. Handy

Harker Heights

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These is what has "rolled out" of Obamacare from when it started in 2010 to the end of 2013...

Coverage for children to age 26
Medicare part D prescription drug coverage gap is reduced by payment of $250 to those reaching $2,830 out-of-pocket for the year.
Plan sponsors (mostly employers) will be eligible for reimbursement of 80% of certain claims from $15,000 to $90,000 for pre-Medicare retirees from age 55 to 64.
10% on indoor tanning services.

Reimbursements for some costs for home and nursing care home on long-term care insurance.
Medicare recipients in “doughnut hole” receive 50% discount on brand-name drugs.
Employers with fewer than 25 employees and average annual wage less than $50,000 will be eligible for sliding tax credit IF they provide health insurance AND pay at least 50% of the cost.
Doctor incentive of 10% from Medicare for services in under-served areas.
Funding for community health centers expanded to benefit low-income and uninsured.
A 2.3 billion annual fee on pharmaceutical manufacturers. (Increasing over the following years)

Not-for-profit insurance cooperatives initiated to compete with commercial insurers in hopes of lower premiums.
Medicare payments to new “accountable care organizations” are established to experiment with various cost-reduction measures.
Reduction of Medicare reimbursements to hospitals with high rates of patient re-admissions that are deemed ‘”preventable.”

Standardized insurance forms to reduce paperwork.
Limit of $2,500 per year on flex spending accounts.
A 3.8% SURCHARGE on investment income for individuals making over $200,000 and couples making over $250,000.
A 3.8% TAX on income from investment in an effort to help fund health reform program.

I see nothing that requires insurance companies to end limits on insurance coverage as implied by the example posted below about the 4 year old born with the heart defect.

Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Mamma Griz

•Eliminating Lifetime Limits on Insurance Coverage. Under the law, insurance companies will be prohibited from imposing lifetime dollar limits on essential benefits, like hospital stays. Effective for health plan years beginning on or after September 23, 2010.


Thank you Mamma Griz, this was not on the list I saw, obviously.

After seeing your post, I read about it online and there are a lot of "ifs, ands, buts" attached to this however, let the record show Obamacare HAS actually helped someone.


This legislation is simply Unconstitutional.

Those who thought it up, passed it, voted for it, support it, or have allowed it to stand are guilty of sedition.

Repeal this law, impeach obama, and impeach the members of the court who allowed it to stand.

Mamma Griz

"On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. The law puts in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that will roll out over four years and beyond". It means some parts are already on the books and some parts roll out at another date.

Mamma Griz

Yes and no. Part of the ACA has already kicked in. Another segment kicks in today.

Mamma Griz

Barbie:: Yes I have, and you could too if you weren't so political. I guess you didn't see the interview with the family whose daughter was born with a heart defect. One surgery nearly wiped out the insurance coverage on the child. Then along comes the ACA and the insurance company had to write the parents and tell them that the limit on insurance coverage for the girl was no longer in effect. They were able to get the surgeries she needed. Last I heard she was a normal four-year-old, healthy and happy and able to enjoy living. Guess you would have rather heard about the child's death when she was just a little one. Right? Have you heard about the many people who could get insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions? Open your eyes-- or don't you ever want to read good things about the ACA.

I have heard some stories about how it has affected people and I wonder if that is the only reason-- or if it is the reason they want to blame.


How did the ACA do this when it hasn't taken affect yet? Doesn't it start in Jan. 2014? And no I haven't heard about any unless it was free or given subsidies, I have mostly heard about hard working people who had insurance that they paid for and now it is going sky high or taken away from them. Have you heard about those?


@ How did the ACA do this when it hasn't taken affect yet? Doesn't it start in Jan. 2014?

I was wondering the same thing Barbie500-- Glad you asked.

Added to the future bad news coming in 2014,concerning the ACA/Obamacare health plan, are the business' that are going to have to do something with their workers,since they aren't going to be able to follow all the rules which have been instilled by this bunch concerning employees ins. plans.

The people are put in limbo each week wondering, what's going to come next or what rule is going to be changed.
The sheep who are willing to still defend this fiasco are ones who were part of the problem to begin with during the elections in 2008.
But they will end up suffering too, along with the ones who wanted nothing to do with the project.


Mamma Griz have you honestly heard anything good? Did you ever stop to think that maybe there is nothing good about ACA? Just stop and think. Take a breath and forget that Obama is the first black president. It doesn't mean he is good for the nation. I know I was married to a black person and he told me, no matter what blacks go with blacks.

Mamma Griz

So medical care was peachy clean during the past years? Not really. The only reason people are complaining is because of the ACA-- which was modeled after ROMNEYCARE.

I guess some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope. I'm tired of hearing gripes about the ACA. I'd much rather read about the good that it has done for people-- I have read and heard about good things. Doesn't anyone read or hear about those stories-- or are they just wanting to hear bad things.

And how much of the changes you hear about are actual facts-- or are they stories. Would some of that have happened regardless of the circumstances?

Maybe what they need to do is to have it financially affordable for people to become doctors.

Gary Caraway

Col. Handy wries, " In sum, Obamacare will mean fewer doctors to treat many more patients." Let me study this. Hmmm? We have X amount of doctors treating X amount of patients. Obamacare is going to add maybe 30 million more patients to our Doctor's patient load. Hmmm? That will make the Doctor to Patient ratio greater. Hmmm? DUH! Where is the effort to produce more Doctors? There is definitely a need. Where is the political leadership? Talk about your "Boots on the ground" for wars. Where are the "Boots on the ground" (Doctors) to provide the medical care mandated by Obamacare?


Texas has had tort reform. It has a $250,000 cap on punitive damages. But agree lawyers should be put in check especially after they become politicians.

Dr Strangelove

The problem is you people are racist and hate black people—that’s what the Obama media will tell you. You will never have affordable healthcare until you have tort reform and control these lawyers—fact!


Capitalism and healthcare are mutually exclusive goals. For profit hospitals (even the ones ran as non-profits), drug companies and medical equipment makers responsibility is to return investment to their shareholders.

The Constitution states its intent to secure the right "to pursue happiness". How can one pursue happiness being sick and/or bankrupt because of a capitalistic healthcare system? What does it say about our country that people must prematurely die so multi-national corporations can increase their profits?


The Constitution does not contain the words 'Pursuit of Happiness' ,Those words were in the Decoration of Independence - Which was the paperwork sent to the King of England telling him, why the people of the colony's were no longer going to be told what they could do without any input on any subject, and,when they could do it.
The kick in the pants for the colony's was the final demand for more tax/more money since (the King had a small war going with France and wanted the citizens of the colony's to help him finance it)even though they didn't tell the King to get involved in the war.
Does that sound familiar ?

As far as that promise in Our Decoration of the Pursuit of Happiness,
Col. Handy who wrote the Letter to Editor, isn't very happy, due to the President of the country and the ones who sided with him having now put he and his family in a predicament, that they are unsure of what kind of medical care they will receive. Or who will give it.

Many millions of others had an insurance policy removed from their ownership,with some having owned it for years,simply because the President and those who sided with him, said it wasn't good enough. 'This group said' they were going to give them another type policy that would make them think they had truly died an gone to Heaven.But what have they received ?
Nothing but a hard time packed with a lot of lies.

Please don't continue to think everything is going to be all peachy keen and Obamacare is going to take care of all your medical problems.
The don't know what they're doing,but they keep taking your money (millions of $$$) to do it.

The citizens are being played for fools, because so many are acting foolish in their belief.
How many times do the people have to be lied to before All of them Wake UP!

Gary Caraway

"Decoration of Independence". I love it! Very funny!




Adopting the principles of marxism so a few people can have health insurance is not the way to go.


It's not just ObamaCare, it's everything with this administration. What has Congressman Carter done about it? Congressman Williams? Senator Cornyn? Time to clean house in Nov, 2014. Then impeach this guy in The White House.


what can a few people do? I think if we could impeach him we would.


From what I have seen Medicare doesn't pay all that much any way, even tho they are saying it is costing too much. You see these people smiling and nodding and saying how great Obamacare care is, you ask a question and they look like puppets without a brain just smiling and nodding. What has happened to our country?


@ President Obama said, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

We who can think for ourselves--- (but disgustingly,we do have many that still can't)
knew we were being told a lie from the beginning about Obamacare , there had been lies already in the past of how great and wonderful our health care would be if the people would only allow the government to control the entire system.
When the dupe of Hillarycare, another healthcare plan much like Obamacare, was tried on the Tax Payers of America, in their trying to take over of the country's medical system was tried during the Clinton régime . Luckily a halt was put to that 'genius' of a plan. Since it would have ended in the same manner as what Obamacare is turning into, A fiasco.

The 600 million plus of tax dollars we've been told been was spent on setting up this idea and the web site that would control it. We really don't even know if that money has truly gone to where the people have been told it was going, Some organization in the foreign country of Canada (the millions weren't even kept inside the U.S. ) .

I hate that the Col. Handy's have lost their medical providers since that is a part of medical care in itself, Having a doctor who you trust and have faith in, Now they will have the added stress of wondering what comes next ? Which can cause added health problems.
But there will be many more hearing this bad news from their medical provider, If Obamacare is allowed to remain in effect.

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