To the Editor:

I just read the Letter to The Editor printed today (Dec. 15) in the KDH from Col. M. L. Handy, Retired. I totally agree with him and his opinion. I also am a Vietnam veteran who flew many combat missions and was forced to crash-land July 2, 1968, due to very heavy ground fire. I am now 100 percent disabled due to that crash and other problems, but I still have my brain and know what is happening in our country.

We were once the greatest country on this earth, but are becoming the weakest country at a rapid rate. We do not have enough know-how to quit giving away our country to the very people who hate us and are trying as hard as they can to completely destroy us. We buy all the junk from China so they have enough of our dollars to lend back to us. We use the money we borrow to give to the others who are trying to destroy us.

Do you think I should borrow money so I could give it away and never have a chance of paying it back? That would be really stupid, but that is what our country is doing. We need to get out of Afghanistan and stop pouring our borrowed money into the world’s largest poppy fields that furnish a high percentage of the dope that is killing our country.

When we fight wars that are directed by people with little or no military experience, we can expect to lose. I personally think that Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara were responsible for at least 50,000 of our fine young military personnel not coming back alive. LBJ said, “I will not let those Blankety-blank generals screw up my war.” Well, someone sure did. I guess as we are suffering in every way for it.

If we quit giving to all our enemies, we could pay off our national debt in a very short time and not be in debt to China or anyone else. We could again be the greatest country in the world.

Please use your vote to get us back to being the greatest country in the world and financially the richest nation in the world. Quit giving our nation’s wealth away!

retired U.S. Air Force Col. Joe Boyer

Harker Heights

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Not only is our government giving our tax dollars to nations that are our enemies, they are borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar given from Red China. This is despicable and we need a huge turnover in congress. How does Rep Carter vote on foreign aid? If he supports it vote him out.


Clearly, the government needs to reduce your service entitlements to ensure sufficient monies are available to send to our enemies.


Lets not also forget, everyone in congress is crooked.
A few talk and act like they are the salt of the earth, but in reality they keep voting for pay raises for themselves,giving our money away to foreign countries,refuse to use Obama care, and squeeze us for our last dollar for their coffers.


Tom - hat reminds of a funny news clip I saw once in news. Rumsfeld was in the middleast giving a briefing on his war, and the camera switches to a mass of people where he was at. I couldn't tell what they were all yelling until the reporter revealed it. They were yelling, "Rummy go home! Rummy Go Home!" it was funny, but very serious matter at the same time. I heard on news, US is now lifting sanctions and giving more away to help Iran - we are making a deal with the devil - unbelieavable! Americans convicted of criminal acts, paid their debt to society, cannot find a job because of their past recorded conviction or lie on application about it. But, Iran and their track record - we assist financially? That's crazy!


...and let's not forget and leave out both Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, Brown and Root, and the military industrial complex described by Eisenhower.

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