To the Editor:

I want to join Dick Chapin (letter in Sunday, June 16 KDH) in calling attention to traffic speeding and reckless driving on South Roy Reynolds Drive.

There seems to be an agreement between Harker Heights and Killeen for police enforcement of applicable traffic laws, which results in nobody enforcing at all.

As a resident on the Harker Heights side of the drive, I have frequently witnessed accidents and near-accidents as traffic speeds up and down the public way, approximating that experienced on an interstate.

In fact, I have taken to calling Roy Reynolds Drive “Interstate Roy Reynolds.”

Law enforcement might simply observe the many tire marks on both sides of the curb to estimate the frequency of traffic careening off the street, all too frequently colliding with brick mailboxes and trees.

To continue ignoring the situation is tantamount to criminal neglect.

Luck will hold just so long before there is a fatality.

Richard D. Lamb

Harker Heights


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