To the Editor:

Two articles appeared in the Killeen Daily Herald attacking American exceptionalism: “American adults score poorly on global test” by Kimberly Hefling of the Associated Press (Oct. 9) and “American adults lack life skills, tests indicate” by Ann McFeatters (Oct. 14), a Scripps Howard columnist.

Both of these articles bemoan the notion that American adults do not score as well as adults from other countries on life skills (McFeatters) or reading and math skills (Hefling). Both writers cite some important studies conducted by global statistics-gathering agencies.

To all of this I say BUNK! Despite the recent “dumbing down,” America still leads the world in most major fields and achievements. Engineering, food production, technology, art, music, communications, transportation, medicine, and research, to name a few, still belong to us.

America is the place people from all over the world send their children for education and training. America’s health care and medical research remain the envy of the world.

Writers Hefling and McFeatters have badly missed the mark, and it may have been intentional left-wing snobbery on their part. They seem to dislike American exceptionalism and are trying to get others to believe them. In the real world of achievements and accomplishments, I really don’t think we American adults score lower than adults from other countries. After all, it is only America’s flag that flies on the moon. It was placed there by American adults.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Well I’ll say this I use to work at CTC and kids right out of high school had long lines to the math lab most couldn’t do basic math let alone college math. Most younger people I work with don’t know squat well I’ll take that back; they’re experts on football and hip-hop. Public schools in the United States are a mess thanks to the Feds, PC, and Unions.


liberals hate America


@ America is the place people from all over the world send their children for education and training.

The writer has a good point above-

What might be going on, is the Scripts and AP writers may not know as much, as they themselves think they do.
It doesn't matter how much education or book learnin' a person has ,what matters is common sense and knowing how to make it in the world.

So many have wanted to downplay how important America has been, and is, to the world until the next time, those that put down the U.S., needs something from them.

These 2 peoples opinion means nothing to me, since I am of my own opinion.
One being, if the two 'writers' were educated in the U.S., but have such a low opinion of the values of education in this country.
How is anyone suppose to take their thoughts at face value ? I don't.

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