To the Editor:

So many Americans seem to be disappointed with President Barack Obama.

The president should be judged by his achievements, not by the unrealistic fantasies held in 2008; and by that standard, Obama’s presidency is a major success.

Despite constant opposition from Republicans, Obama’s health care reform law is working well.

Enrollments came in above projections; the number of uninsured Americans has dropped sharply, and additional insurance companies are jumping into the exchanges to compete for new customers — all great signs for the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s new emissions rules for power plants — the most important environmental initiative since the Clean Air Act — mark the first serious attempt to address climate change.

Obama’s regulatory reforms of Wall Street have enraged the big banks — proof the new rules have teeth.

Yes, many Americans are disappointed that Obama didn’t manage to make our politics less bitter and polarized, but how was that possible, when Republicans were determined to block him from day one?

In the face of Republicans’ relentless sabotage, Obama has moved the ball down the field.

He should be applauded for his effort.

Ron Lowe 


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I am speechless .......... the only thing comes to mind is
Executive Action .... because that is all that is happening in this
Our Country is move divided than ever ..... I just don't see how anyone can see
any sort of achievement in this Presidency ...... smh

Dr Strangelove

You see people this is what happens when you smoke a lot of Pot.


Then can you imagine how they're thinking in Colorado ?
They must think Obama is a total genius in how he's handled the presidency .


Dr S,

Long time, no post. Hope you've been well. Glad to see you back. [smile]


I have more! The AFA is working well? Has been amended by Barry without consent of Congress so many times. The US Territories are exempt from it? Climate Change? Climate is always changing. Records only go back a 100 years or less so how would we know the climate is changing. Been pretty dang nice this summer in the USA. Polarized politics? If the President was a Republican then the Democrats would of been fighting him or better yet they would been kicked out long time ago since the mainstream Republicans have no______


Common sense tells me I am at a loss for words. All I can say is ??? with the person writing the editorial. [lol]


The air must be thin in Harlingen and the writer isn't getting enough oxygen to his brain---He's thinking irrationally





thank you for the laughs.


I don't know what fantasy world the writer is living in, but it surely isn't the USA. I notice he lists Harlingen as his hometown. Strange he would write the KDH and live in Harlingen. Probably nobody in his hometown believes his views.


"I don't know what fantasy world the writer is living in"

In his parents basement. perhaps!

And, good observance of why he would be writing to a paper other than his own hometown! [smile]


"the number of uninsured Americans has dropped sharply"

Was that before or after 4.5 million people were "released" from the Obamacare mandate due to the harmful economic effects?

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