To the Editor:

In the KDH, April 18, Opinion page Mr. Jose De La Isla says “Let’s not muddle immigration issue.” He then spends 14 paragraphs muddling the immigration issue with what I consider to be his agenda and half truths.

My take is that Mr. De La Isla favors amnesty for millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants with a quick path to citizenship and the right to vote. ... My understanding of our current immigration policy is that it starts at one of our 329 Immigration Ports of Entry (airports, land, and sea). ... Those who wish to become U.S. citizens must meet nine requirements.

This process seems reasonable and prudent to me. I really don’t see a need to change our immigration policy to something more or less stream-lined. Doesn’t it seem reasonable for our government to screen all people who desire to live and work in the U.S. whether temporary workers or permanent residents? Otherwise, how will we know if they are indeed Mr. De La Isla’s “people of good will and standing?” I want to know the character of the people with whom I work, who move into my neighborhood, and who attend school with my children and grandchildren — don’t you?

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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Some of the people of good will and understanding which Mr. De La Isla talked of in his letter can be found on the Bell County Jails Prisoners list.
It numbers approximately 22 in todays count.

These understanding illegals, have been picked up by law enforcement, for different crimes ranging from DUI's ,Sexual Involvement with a Child, Family Domestic Violence ,etc. etc.
All have committed a crime in order to have come in contact with the police.

We the tax payer are made responsible for the upkeep of these prisoners.
Now why should that be ? When really the American Tax payer has no legal responsibility to pay for something that's considered illegal.

Dr Strangelove

Bubba, we both know that's never going to happen. Over 12 million Illegal Aliens in the United States; they will not be deported that’s a fact we’re going to have to live with. The Illegal Alien problem is not so cut and dry what about the kids that were born here; this is their country too they’re American we can’t kick them out. I know some of these kids/young adults and they’re red, white, and blue apple pie American kids. This the only country they know, should we punish them because of what their parents did? NO!

When we have one political party that wants votes, the other party wants cheap labor nothing is really going to be done. Until we secure the borders the Illegal Alien debate is mute IMHO. One more point if I was born in Mexico or Central America I’d come up here too for a better life for my family.


You said it well.


Here's what our "policy" needs to be: Secure our border completely, then round up evey ILLEGAL ALIEN in my country and SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM and then send those countries a bill for the expense of doing so.


That sounds logical to me.

I have to look at it this way ,would I receive the same treatment in an illegals country as I am suppose to give in mine? The answer is NO WAY JOSE .

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