To the Editor:

Texas is the United States’ third most populated state with military veterans. The first two are California and Florida. In both of these states the United States Automobile Association, USAA, provides its members with motorcycle insurance. It will not provide Texas members with motorcycle insurance. If a Texas member wants USAA motorcycle insurance, they are automatically routed to Progressive and receive their insurance from Progressive, not USAA.

As a USAA member family, I would like to have all of my insurance with the same carrier to just make it easier for management of these policies. USAA refuses to honor Texans with this as they stated to me, “We are not equipped to offer Texans this insurance.”

Yet, they provide this for members who live in California and Florida.

The purpose of this letter is to show my feelings as being told since I live in Texas I do not qualify for USAA motorcycle insurance and share this perceived “second class” status with other Texas motorcycle riders eligible to be a USAA member.

Larry L. Letzer Sr.

Copperas Cove

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Mamma Griz

There is a URL for Progressive for USAA members. I tried to post it but I guess it is not allowed. But there is one that even welcomes USAA members.


Everyone knows Texas thinks it's a separate country. They decide who, what, how etc. USAA or anyone else isn't about to tell Texas how to run the show.

Mamma Griz

Well, I would suggest you call USAA regarding this matter. I sent them a message and asked about it and NO, YOU ARE NOT A SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN. It is what the state insurance company directions have told them. BTW, Progressive writes their motorcycle insurance in FLORIDA. Sorry to bust your bubble. USAA is handling it, but they have to go by what the state says. No more pity party, eh!


perhaps Texas laws are not palatable to USAA for insurance purposes.

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