To the Editor:

If Flight 370 had broken up on the surface of any body of water that could be classified as an ocean, I believe that there would have been so much shark activity in that area that it would have been visible to any aircraft that flew over the area.

Now, if there had been a catastrophic event that took place onboard Flight 370, and it crashed into an ocean, what are the odds that it would have entered the ocean at precisely a 90-degree angle to the ocean’s surface — which would have allowed the aircraft to dive into the water with scarcely a ripple!

I, myself, have no idea of how long it would have taken for objects from the plane crash — or, of people, themselves and their belongings to float to the surface.

I read an interesting article in the National Enquirer which read something like this: “Solved! The fate of Flight 370!” They went on to say that the plane must have been hijacked and flown to an, as yet, unknown location.

Compared to the twaddle that so many so-called “experts” have set forth — not to exclude witchcraft or paranormal activity — it seems very clear that everybody is guessing about Flight 370’s ultimate fate. The Enquirer’s solution actually makes more sense than most of the experts’ speculations.

When I was in the Army in Vietnam, I witnessed firsthand the camouflaging of various items of equipment, as well as whole areas, by the utilization of huge camouflage nettings or combinations of same, which made those items of equipment and area practically invisible from the air. If there was a plot by the pilot and the co-pilot to land at some unknown (to us) location, or if the two individuals with stolen passports had similar plans, Flight 370, with all souls aboard, could be almost anywhere within the reach of the aircraft and its passengers ... now. Wouldn’t it be nice to think of something like that?

Isn’t it worth investigating — considering the millions of dollars that have already been expended on a water search?

Ronald J. Iwanski

Copperas Cove

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