To the editor:

On the Opinion page July 29, the editorial titled “Only bipartisan commitment to Central America will end chaos” caught my eye. The writer claims the United States has a “global responsibility” to protect and care for the Central American kids at our southern border.

It seems a “bipartisan commitment” of U.S. dollars and human resources is needed to clean up drug-violence, corruption and human trafficking in three Central American countries.

The writer wants us to nation-build in Guatemala, Honduras and Columbia so the children of these countries will not have to flee to ours for a better life.

The writer casually mentions “Plan Colombia” where 8 billion American dollars were spent in Colombia.

This started during the Clinton administration and was sustained by G.W. Bush with support from Democrats in Congress to help Colombia slash its murder rate.

The writer claims this is a recent bipartisan success story and Colombia is now a free trade partner with us. If this was so successful, why are Colombian children again seeking asylum in the United States?

I think the very premise of this editorial is wrongheaded.

Whatever happened to cleaning up your own house?

That is what our forefathers did. They overthrew an oppressive British king and drove his Army from our shores.

The people of Central American countries who are oppressed need to organize, arm themselves, rise up, and fight for their freedom and prosperity.

Freedom is much better earned than given.

I see America’s “global responsibility” to be the shining city on the hill that other countries emulate.

I do not think we are financially responsible to every country in the world to assure their safety and prosperity.

If a country is run by thugs who are preying on children, it is the responsibility of the decent people of that country to drive out the vermin.

I think we should encourage these revolutionaries and provide them reasonable resources. I do not think we owe them our blood or our dollars.

Political correctness is not sufficient justification to deplete or destroy our country to help others.

Our nation must survive. Without America, there is no American dream to other nations can aspire.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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I will agree with you on what America's global responsibility should be - however, you seem to forget our role in making things worse throughout all of Central America. We as a country can't be that "shining city on a hill" when we ignore out part in, at the very least, contributing to the mess that is Central America today. You can't have it both ways.


Two thumbs up!




Excellent letter to editor with all true facts---

I personally do not want to take care of Any country south of the United States border (or as a matter of fact , any other country who is not considered an absolute ally)---

I do not want to care for the adults, the children, the family dogs or any farm animals a person may own in any of those countries.
They have worn out their welcome as far as I'm concerned.If they haven't learned how to make it on their own after their years of existence ,they will just have to die away.

I am sick of countries always coming to the states with a poor mouth request for more money, more money. Without any intention of repayment. And at times ,
of being willing to give the states a slap in the face at the 1st opportunity .

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