To the Editor:

The recently concluded trial of Mr. George Zimmerman culminated in him being cleared of all charges. Someone stated that there were no winners in this case.

Admittedly the accused, despite the not-guilty verdict, will carry the young man’s death on his conscience.

However, nothing compares to a mother’s anguish and pain at losing a son forever.

This being said, the jury cannot be faulted for the outcome nor can anyone insinuate that they lack morality or integrity. They followed the instructions given to them.

The court informed the jurors that Mr. Zimmerman was allowed to use deadly force if he faced death, bodily harm or thought he was.

Jurors were told to decide if he was justified in using deadly force by the circumstances he was under when he fired his weapon.

The prosecution had to prove without a shadow of a doubt that this was a racist act instead of self-defense.

The media played an important but negative part in the increasing racial tension. A 911 call from Mr. Zimmerman was altered and twisted to influence people’s perception of the case.

For some reason, the TV and newspaper could not find pictures that reflected Trayvon’s actual age, and published pictures of a kid that appeared to be 11-13 years old. Thousands of people across the USA reacted angrily at the sight of that little kid. My reaction was pretty much the same.

Sometimes the legal basis of a jury’s decision leaves many wondering, why?

That certainly was the case for Mr. and Mrs. Martin and thousands of others.

The truth, whether we accept it or not, is that the prosecution team failed miserably to prove Mr. Zimmerman’s culpability without reasonable doubt.

The original prosecutor was fired because he notified the district attorney that there was not enough evidence to file charges of murder in the second degree.

President Obama could definitely add to his legacy if he would tackle the horrible situation that is happening almost every day in America, as cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Oakland, Los Angeles and many others witness the murder of dozens of African-American teenagers; but they do not elicit the attention created by the Florida case.

Pedro C. Santiago


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How interesting, the segment of our population victimized by lynchings in the past now are stridently protesting in favor of judicial lynchings. If you don't want to be shot by an intended victim, don't try to assault, rob or kill him. Duh!

Dr Strangelove

Well Mr. Race Baiting President we noticed you didn’t comment about the story below. Black neighborhood watch man shot and killed a 17 year old white teen:

Now this guy was also found not guilty and should have; he was being attacked by a 17 year old thug and defended himself. Noticed the major media markets didn’t run with this story?

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