To the Editor: 

Can’t we stop the harassing and nonsense and even threatening soliciting calls?

I’m 70, my husband 80; most times we need something we go get it or order it. We do not need calls from salesmen or people asking for money on our home phone or cellphones.

I received a call on the 21st of March, to consolidate my bills. I told him please, I’m not interested. Take me off your list.

He replied with, “What damn use are you to me? You need to just kill yourself.”

There isn’t a thing I can do! Then there are the ones that you can’t understand what they’re saying, but they want you to send money.

Can’t you do something to protect us older people and the young people of Texas?

There is no longer a no-call list that works anymore, and you can block them on the cellphone, but the calls just come in anyway, or they have other numbers to call from.

You can’t even call back to ask a supervisor to stop the calls, for I was told they are not using a phone; they’re using a computer, so you can’t call them back.

Please help us.

Carolyn Bruce


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