EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was submitted before Congress reached agreement Friday on a resolution to reopen the government through Feb. 15.


To the Editor:

If you compromise, you lose!

Compromise has become a dirty word. President Trump’s well-professed strategy in making a deal is to corner your opponent to the point they give in to what he wants. Read in his book how he got Mar-a-Lago Resort. He has used the same strategies with NATO, China, North Korea and Iran.

When you are the biggest kid on the block, bullying others can increase your power and control. The strategy is: you win and they lose, but I don’t thnk you get others to trust you. This strategy does encourage others to beat you at your own game.

But Trump did not get here by accident. He is the latest in a long line of politicians grabbing for power vs. compromising.

Remember the rise of the Tea Party in reaction to the bailout of the big banks?

Remember the 2010 census where the Republicans were able to gerrymander many congressional districts in their favor (Democrats did it where they could)?

Remember that Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, refused to pass legislation to confirm judges that were recommended by President Obama?

Remember how Obama used executive orders to get some of his agenda through when he felt he couldn’t/wouldn’t work with Republicans?

When candidate Trump told people they were being taken advantage of and they needed more jobs, America thought a businessman might be able to do it! What they didn’t know is how this man actually did business.

My guess is that Nancy Pelosi will not be bullied into giving President Trump funding for the wall in he way he is defining it. President Trump’s ego will not let him appear he is losing.

An external event, such as if the airlines can’t fly, will give President Trump the cover to open the government. The other scenario is for him to declare a National Emergency, where his executive powers will be tested in the Supreme Court.

Only if compromise is seen as a win-win and everyone got some of what they wanted will our democracy survive.

Warren Townsend


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