To the Editor:

The July 30 KDH editorial topic tweaked my interest with the headline: “Congress has moral obligation to address border crises.”

Boy, if that don’t stimulate discourse from both sides of the issue, nothing will, and if you are blasé about the subject, you don’t deserve an opinion.

Moral obligation? How about legal, strategic, safety and just plain logical obligation to address the border crisis? 

We as a sovereign country are under assault on the hour by the enemies of sanity, and the ammunition they choose to use to tear down our defense is the one to which we are most vulnerable: children.

They are bombarding us with their children, for which they profess to want a better life. 

Don’t buy into this absurd argument, nor the one made by ignorant politicians, “They are seeking freedom and safety.”

What a crock! Our own locally produced government dependents want neither freedom or safety. What they want is to be wards of the state for the remainder of their lives, without any condition or requirement to produce anything, or hint of personal responsibility. Go ahead and prove me wrong by citing one or two examples of some exceptional member of the illegal population who made a meaningful contribution, and I will show you jails full of those who are bleeding us dry.

Community organizers and activists don’t count as success stories.

We have our own unresolved problems with poverty, crime, cultural depravity, and worst of all, apathy and denial of cause and effect.

We cannot see, nor will we allow ourselves to understand that our lack of direction is caused  by marginalization of the nuclear family and religious institutions.

And when I speak of religious institutions, I don’t mean the so-called churches that are nothing more than political fronts.  

Provide for the common defense and secure the borders.

Don Fender


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"Community organizers and activists don’t count as success stories."

That's a new one on me.


I would like to buy Don two beers....

Dr Strangelove

These people that talk about moral obligation are the same people that support abortion of American children especially black babies. That’s why the majority of abortion mills are in black neighborhoods; how dare they bring up morality!





@ How about legal, strategic, safety and just plain logical obligation to address the border crisis?

Sometimes I think its good and interesting besides,to have an incident like the one which has been allowed to happen and is still ongoing at the border.

You get to see those who have been elected's true face, their true colors of loyalty.

Even though many have sworn an oath at one time to the Constitution, and the Flag of the United States.
They weaken over time or never took the oath seriously to begin with.
And their true colors are allowed to come forward and even they, find out their true loyalty isn't to the Constitution or the Stars and Stripes of the U..S. Flag.

But to a completely foreign idea of what the forefathers meant when they wrote up and signed the Constitution.



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