To the Editor:

KISD is spending a lot of money on school renovations, but the education provided is not the best in nearly all of the schools.

I believe the bond money could be used to free up some spending in the district that could be better used in areas like education provided.

New materials and technology, experienced teachers and better programs are all things that some areas of the district don’t have.

I am a student and in the gifted programs but have a hard time really being challenged in the current curriculum, I see a lot of teachers do work with their own money and have to use third-party material to educate us.

Higher quality materials made available to all teachers and schools would not only increase academic scores but also school ratings, which are not the best in Texas. School renovations along with a better funded education system is what could drive KISD to be one of the better districts in Texas, and that would possibly allow KISD to gain additional funding, which can be used to support the expenses of the new establishments that have been put into place.

Eric Smith

Harker Heights

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