Killeen motorcyclist takes issue

with restaurant’s dress code policy

To the Editor:

RE: Richard Rawlings Garage restaurant dress code policy and procedures

Regarding the situation that recently took place at this establishment with the Veterans Motorcycle Riders wanting a place to have a meal and a friendly conversation, shame on you.

The majority of the population of this tri-city area is either active-duty military, retired military, veterans who have served their country or families of each of the above-mentioned groups of people.

I’m a veteran, a motorcycle rider for 40-plus years, charter member of the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association), member of AMA (American Motorcycle Association) and retired KISD employee.

The Richard Rawlings Garage may have been a Twin Peaks facility; however, this is not Waco or Dallas. Because of this fact, consideration should have been taken as to the logo worn by the group of riders, colors of the group’s patches and the actual patch worn as well as the wording on the back of each rider’s vest.

Does any other establishment in this area ask any of their employees to remove their shirt, T-shirt or vest bearing the logo or name of an organization?

If Richard Rawlings Garage is to remain in business in this area and enjoy the large population of military-oriented people, it might be advantageous to revise the dress code requirements.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Jack Sims


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It's the choice of the owner who comes into the place really. I've talked with the opening management of Richard Rollins garage and they said they will not all patch wearers into the place for one simple reason. They don't want a repeat of twin peaks. Can you blame them? I know that some of these so called biker clubs are nothing but trouble. Their are plenty of other places for you and your "click" to hang out

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