Killeen parent calls for more news coverage of KISD education issues

To the Editor:

 I attended a rezoning meeting for Killeen ISD on Tuesday put on at Saegert Elementary School. (This was only one of several rezoning meetings that were scheduled). I was disappointed to see that although this is an important topic, there was absolutely no media present.

At the meeting I attended, I would guess that 100 people came out. Many important questions were asked concerning topics that our community should be discussing.

Did you know KISD currently has a 22:1 teacher ratio?

 Did you know that even though KISD is opening another elementary school they are also proposing to close Duncan Elementary and that the teacher ratio is not projected to be improved?

In addition, start and end times for campuses for next year are currently undecided which can potentially affect even the families of children that are not being rezoned for the 2017-2018 school year.

 Over the past few months, I have been disappointed in the lack of news coverage. On Facebook at the beginning of the year, KDH asked readers, what topics do you want to know about?

Nearly every person who responded replied with some sort of education concern (such as special education and the violence at the high schools in Killeen). Although many of us want to keep up to date about what’s happening in our schools, I feel like many important stories have been unpublished.

 I’m not looking to burn bridges with the administration to my children’s schools and I am not meaning to burn bridges with KDH, but as a reader, a taxpayer, a mom, a soldier’s wife and a homeowner, the topic of education is of the utmost importance to our household and I am writing today to remind you of how your coverage impacts this community.

Please consider more coverage of education topics.

Stephanie Moody


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