To the Editor:

I may have been the only citizen at the comprehensive plan meeting recently.

If you have property south of town, east of State Highway 195, north of the river, you need to see those maps.

It is impossible to find out when and where those communities have discussions. They do not want your input or awareness.

I started over 10 years ago, the city plans for this area do not include those who live here or own it. Blatantly obvious now.

These maps showed a road over the top of Douglas Mountain where the water tanks are off 195. You cannot afford to build a road in that topography, 60-degree slope. It was not drawn by an engineer or any informed person.

They also show a road from 195, into our land, behind houses at Splawn Ranch.

As per the previous mentioned plats, there can be no access/service for those houses to this road.

It cuts off a corner of land we would never be able to use.

It wipes out a lot of native oaks, pecan.

It takes out a huge pecan tree we planted 60 years ago.

It takes out the well my family dug during the ’50s drought, our stock water source.

It wipes out the end of my large garden and another grove of old oaks.

The hard corner in the road proves it was not much of an engineer at work.

I have only lived here 62 years plus five generations.

What possible knowledge could I offer?

You continue to exclude those you impact with your growth.

Anytime any committee discusses anything that impacts my land, my phone needs to ring.

These plans will be processed, approved, and presented to council. Then you will get a letter. Then it is too late.

You have to go see the maps now.

Wayne Duncan


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JBTSR. You wanna see some wasted money and misleading tax payers? Bypass all that MHB-City mess and head over to the Belton ISD goings-on.


Yes it is a very pathetic sad situation. It is worsened by the taxpayer-voters who remain asleep to the greed. A good example is here in Belton. The people are asleep. The clear double standards suroounding the council and UMHB is sickening, UMHB VP Weathersbee spouts racial comments during a seminar that go un-reported, but the press report the latest Martin Luther King St through UMHB campus. The council and UMHB worked in collusion to block a family from developing their land near UMHB but, let UMHB develope. They lie, swindle and trick. They are now evicting tenants from apartments so they can tear down and build for UMHB, they disturb the neighborhood with fireworks and noise, but the common person will be fined. UMHB and city council are an enemy to the working people and South Belton.


Greed rules as usual. No one wants to inform the property owners because that would interfere with expansion plans.

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