To the Editor:

To Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin:

I read your comments in the Killeen Daily Herald, Jan. 24.

Your stating that you are “embarrassed” by the city’s citizens not donating enough money for the Memorial Fund for the Fort Hood (Nov. 5, 2009, shooting) victims is completely ridiculous. 

Do you not have an idea of the current state of our economy?

I can barely afford to put food on my family’s plates and a roof over their heads (as most of the city and country are) and you are condemning the community for not donating much-needed funds to a memorial? You have to be kidding me!

If you are so concerned by this community’s image, then you donate the money for the memorial. 

I understand the need to honor the victims and their families. I, myself, was raised military, I was military, and I am married to a disabled combat veteran.

I have the utmost respect for military personnel and the sacrifices they and their families make for our country and I agree that something should be done for those victims (the ones who died, as well as the ones who were wounded). 

Maybe instead of spending money on a memorial, the city/country should use those funds to take care of them in the future, not on a chunk of bronze.

There are issues much more important to our community (homelessness, poverty, etc.).

People were hurt, emotionally and physically, by this horrendous incident. They need medical care and help paying their bills.

An expensive piece of metal will not feed them or help them with the necessities of life, for the rest of their lives.

The victims who died and their families were not the only victims of this sick act.

What about the ones who have to live with their injuries?

Sharon Porter


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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Embarrassment...our leaders should be embarrassed for the way the AMERICAN people, especially our Veterans are treated.

The memorial is a good thought, but as Ms. Porter pointed out, many in this country can't even afford to properly feed themselves or their families.

It sounds like to me, the Mayor is disconnected from what the people of Killeen really need...a strong leader that puts the interest of THE People first.


I am embarrassed by the mayor. It's clear the mayor has no perspective of the current status of his residents or a real grip on his city. The federal government still considers the shooting "workplace violence." I find it disconcerting and inappropriate for the mayor to be disappointed or embarrassed. Being that it is a military town and half of the Soldiers stationed on post at the time of the shooting have since been discharged or retired (thanks to an administration that sees less need for military personnel), those that would be likely to give (many of them) are not even in the area any longer. That is what it means to know the people you serve, there are many permanent residents but the ones that are touched the MOST by the tragedy have moved on and are making bigger progress in their lives. I am happy to say that I have since moved my life out of the city with my retired Soldier. I am unhappy to say that I still own a home in the city and cannot get it sold thanks to the mayor and his administration who keep annexing property and allowing the building of new homes. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE, SEE IF WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CITY MATCHES UP WITH WHAT THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY NEED,


Finally someone tells it like it is! Real embarrassment is having a mayor that didn't change status quo of this city.

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