To the Editor:

Since the passage of the ACA, Central Texans have been able to purchase health care insurance that included pre-existing conditions. Republicans in Congress, including Sen. Ted Cruz, are again trying to undo every protection that was implemented by the ACA.

“Blue Cross said that the company could have lowered health insurance rates up to 22 percent if Republicans in Congress had not repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate.”

Congressional Republicans say “we need to cover pre-existing conditions,” all while filing lawsuits (including TX AG Ken Paxton) seeking to eliminate the ACA’s guarantee of coverage. The new Republican health care plans will not reduce premiums but will provide wealthier taxpayers with yet another tax shelter. You will be able to buy junk insurance plans, but they won’t cover cancer, diabetes, medication, mental health, heart conditions, pregnancy and other pre-existing conditions.

These new/old plans will have annual and lifetime caps. Even the insurance companies are railing against the repeal of the ACA. Sen. Ted Cruz said it’s “reasonable” to argue that Obamacare’s rules on pre-existing conditions are unconstitutional. Congressman Beto O’Rourke states “Every single Texan should be able to see a doctor and receive the care they need; not as a function of luck or circumstance but as a fundamental right.”

Central Texans deserve affordable, comprehensive health care.

Sandra Blankenship


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Where do opposing views go?


ACA- The bill Democrats didn't read but voted to pass so they could see what was in it. (Or, as Gruber put it, the bill that passed with the help of "stupid American voters and a lack of transparency.") Yes, we certainly need more of that.

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