To the Editor:    

A few days ago, we were expecting a monster hurricane by the name of Florence to hit the Carolina coast with 140 mph winds.  

Damage was expected to be in the billions.

Fortunately, when it reached shore, the wind was down to 90 miles per hour; while damaging, not what 140 mph winds would have done.

Within a short period of time, the winds had dissipated to approximately 50 mph. Authorities had notified all residents in dangerous areas to evacuate. As usual, some people were seen on the beach, while the reporter told us how horrible the situation was becoming.

Hurricanes can be very dangerous, no matter what category, and can obviously lead to massive damage and loss of life. However, as we have seen, water is deadlier than wind.

Remember Harvey (Houston) and Katrina (Louisiana)?  I dread the possibility of another Andrew (1992) or Maria (1917).  I’m by no means minimizing the impact of the storm, but no sooner than the storm was announced, that “climate change” was responsible; that was followed by blaming POTUS for it, since he refused to sign the Paris agreement.

Is there no end to the hate?  We had a hurricane during the hurricane season!  Why politicize it?

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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