To the Editor:

Have you ever driven past or exited from our regional airport and wondered why there is a half-empty mobile home park directly across the road?

Did you ever think that the first impression that a new visitor has is of the mobile home park?

There is nothing wrong with living in a mobile home or the people who live there. In fact, the park was there long before the airport was designed and built.

If memory serves, the park has been for sale for at least three years.

In my view this points to many problems that are ripe for improvement. The airport serves the region. Why couldn’t we have tri-city cooperation to make better use of the area?

Area developers were quick to buy tracts near and even adjacent to the park but not the park itself.

Doesn’t that strike anyone as strange? In my view there are several “best uses” for the property.

For example: the area’s economic development corporation could partner with developers and the city to have a small industrial warehouse park or purchase it outright for common development.

The city could purchase the property the property and convert it to a tri-city welcome center and community park with a military theme.

The key to this problem is cooperation, planning, money and an active citizenry.

Retired Col. Charles Rosenblum


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Once again, this is Killeen, Charlies. We (Killeen) build trailer houses,we have cold beer,fast cars, pawn shops, and tat parlors. Nothing has changed nor will it. We love this place.

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