To the Editor:

How does one drain the swamp when swamp-rat Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator, is doing the backstroke surrounded by 18 security guards? Flies first class on government dime because he says he has been threatened, without evidence to support that. He flies coach when on his dime, has spent millions on travel and security. He illegally spent $40,000 for a soundproof phone booth for his office. He wanted a $70,000 desk for his office as well as a bullet-proof desk outside his office. His own EPA emails indicated he lied about giving two employees and close friends $84,000 raises. He took a sweetheart deal on a $50/night luxury apartment co-owned by the wife of the lobbyist who had business before the EPA and got favors from Pruitt.

He wanted to buy a $100,000-a-month charter aircraft membership to take unlimited private jet trips. He is using four different emails to dodge demand for public records. Pruitt went to Morocco at the behest of Carl Icahn (who got Pruitt hired) to push Liquified Natural Gas for Icahn. The EPA has absolutely nothing to do with LNG. You paid $40,000 for his pay-for-play trip.

On the way to Morocco, they “happened” to layover in Paris, missed their connecting flight and were “forced” to spend the weekend in Paris. These are only half the scandals. Isn’t it about time to end this corruption?

Mayin Ho


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