To the Editor:

Are the citizens of Killeen aware of their financial responsibility to pay for city sewer repair? This responsibility runs from the city sidewalk to the city sewer main, which is normally located in the center of the roadway. I have lived in Killeen for 27 years and had no idea I had to pay for city property repairs.

I became aware of this when I had to call a plumber for a sewer blockage at my residence. I was told it was located between the sidewalk and two feet under the city street. The plumber’s estimate to dig down seven feet and replace eight feet of pipe and repair the damage to two feet of roadway (to include blacktop repair) was $8,557. The cost would double if the replacement was done all the way to the main sewer line in the middle of the street.

The city of Killeen currently has an ordinance that places the financial burden on the homeowner. Other cities in the area (i.e. Temple, Waco, Georgetown) have taken the responsibility away from the homeowner. I am asking concerned citizens to contact their City Council representative to address this issue and pass an ordinance that would relieve Killeen homeowners of responsibility.

Tony Stepan


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