To the Editor:

My friend and neighbor of 50 years, retired Master Sgt. Clifford Petry, was honored and recognized recently for his military service and time spent in captivity as a POW during the Korean War.

I’m sure only those who have faced similar conditions can truly relate to what Mr. Petry and others like him experienced in these unenviable times. I am thankful that he and others like him will never have to face those horrific events again.

Thanks to all the news outlets, including the Killeen Daily Herald,  who regularly remind us of these heroes in our midst.

In recent days, though, Mr. Petry has had to experience another kind of challenge in our fair city. He and his wife are among those unfortunate homeowners in Killeen who have experienced damaged sewer lines, not on their own property mind you, but UNDER the city street in front of their house. Imagine his surprise when he and his wife learned that they would be responsible for the cost of the repairs even though the damage was located under the city street. In his case, the cost was $13,000 to replace.

I am still in a state of shock and saddened that he and other homeowners are responsible for those costly repairs. I, like many others, have heard city leaders in recent days state that the

“homeowner responsibility” requirement in such cases is the established law. I can’t help but believe that there are thousands of homeowners in Killeen, including me, who are holding their collective breaths at the possibility that their sewer lines will be the next to collapse and require a costly repair.

I can only hope and pray that the city council members will revisit this homeowner requirement and consider amending the current law.

In recent days, I have observed the Copperas Cove City Council members listen and yield to the demands of their citizens’ complaints reference the proposed thoroughfare through their city.

I can only hope there will be a similar response  from the residents in Killeen who voice opposition to the homeowner responsibility requirement for sewer lines under the city streets.

I believe the recent Killeen Daily Herald opinion poll is an accurate representation of the homeowner’s view point on this issue. I am hoping those collective opinions and voices will convince the council to do the right thing and do what many other neighboring cities do; that is, assume the responsibility for the repairs under their city streets.

Thanks to the Killeen Daily Herald for reporting this issue  and reminding us of those who are affected.

Ron Harris


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