To the Editor:

The Killeen City Council keeps going back and forth on the audit, no audit, until we are all sick of reading about it!  Just do it!  We don’t need to know who did what. We need to know what was done with the money, when and the reasoning behind it. Were there receipts to show for the expenditures?  If we know that, maybe we can stop some of it from happening again.

For starters, read the archives of the KDH about the coming and going of the council members.  The unnecessary expensive trips, the high-dollar meals, the fancy barbecue grill, the unorthodox use of city property, etc., was all written up there years ago.  Was it all true, was any of it true, was it necessary, did the council really need to go out of town for meetings and such?

Certainly, we need outsiders to investigate, beginning with the year that it started to go down, whenever that was.  That way no one can claim a coverup.



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