To the Editor:

Seeking relief from losing homes due to nonpayment of property tax was featured in articles in the KDH on 3/17/14 and on 2/5/14. In the first article, three GOP candidates vowed to end property tax as it exists today. The last article dealt with the widow and family of a deceased soldier facing the loss of their home if they do not pay $6,000 in taxes owed.

Recently, I submitted a proposed resolution to the Bell County Democratic Party that, if passed, would relieve Bell County residents who currently pay property tax, if they are over age 70, own their homes, and are on a fixed income. Many of these residents are negatively challenged by these yearly property tax bills.

I believe that the political party that relieves the most homeowners with their property tax bills will win the most votes in the next election cycle.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.,

Former Killeen council member

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Love the idea! But, how about this idea give property tax relief to everyone. There is a great idea out there its called a sales tax. Eliminate Property Taxes and institute a sales tax this would stop all individuals from losing their property from not paying property tax. Texas is already booming but this move would fuel the fire. For our nation its called the You want to see full employment, a booming economy, industry and companies come roaring back to the USA implement the FairTax.

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